Sunday, September 27, 2009

- 21st Birthday Bash (Part 3) -

Tadaa! My final post on my birthday...Pressieeee....Thanks for all the gifts and cards specially from Melbourne! Muacks...Love you guys...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

- 21st Birthday Bash (Part 2) -

My birthday celebration continued by having dinner with family and relatives at Umami Steamboat, Sunway Mentari...Sunway Mentari is now the "Steamboat Buffet City"...Umami previously charged RM39.90 and now they having some promotion where they discounted their price to only RM23.80...My short reviews on Umami as stated below:
  • Greater varieties of Grill & Fry Section as compared to Yuen and Tasty Pot
  • The 2 chosen soup base of Tom Yam and Teow Chow however were a thumbs down
  • Thumbs up because they served Australia Beef and New Zealand Mutton fresh from the refrigerator
  • An extremely mini size ice cream scoop which is very very inconvenient and time consuming
  • Nice cafe ambiance with air conditioner and they used induction cooker instead of portable gas
  • Staff services was so so only but the Manager politeness was the best!
  • They served you one giant oyster per person to avoid "Yuen Honey Chicken Fighting Scene" I guess
My overall rating is 7/10 because I personally not a steamboat lover...However, it is worth to give it a try...

-ChenChen was also there with her Gym friends! Such a coincidence!-

-How sweet of her...She walked over and bring me 3 cup cakes! Thanks ChenChen-

All pictures were taken using SE W995...Hahahaha...To be continued..........

Sunday, September 13, 2009

- 21st Birthday Bash (Part 1) -

Is really really very sorry for the delay in updating my deadly blog...Here comes my words of appreciation to all my dearly...Celebrated my be-early birthday dinner with the college gang @ Euro Deli, Damansara Kim...Kudos to Marianne Chung for making this party a huge success! In addition, also thanks to those who came...A big MUACKSsss to you guys for making my 21st a blast!

-Celebrating my 21st at Euro Deli *Non-Halal* match my blog theme "babi-ness" very well!-

-Jo, the one who guide me all the way to Euro Deli and always complain she is not a good road tour guide...No worries, you're great and I'm dragging you to "This Is It Movie"...Haha...Thanks for staying late at night on msn just to wish me on monday nite! Muacks-

-Yinwai, the "kelefe" who came uninvited! Haha...Joking, I'm shorty and You're mean you're not mine, you belong to someone! Haha...-

-YinWai belong to this woman! But, on Sept 15 she's mine! Thanks Sexy for putting in the effort in planning my birthday party and turn it into a blasting one! Muackssss-

-Oh NOooooooOOo!! That shock reaction of me kinda of reflected my expression when I first watch the Birthday dedication by this lovely sexy! If you miss this lovely bday dedication by her, watch it here on this link ...It was the most special and meaningful birthday wishes that I've received so far...Apart from this, there is this part 2 of the video which is 4mins long where I was so so touching...Love you sexy!!-

-Sigh! Your face again...I din realise I've upload so many pictures of you! Haha...Anyway, can I've a look at your speech?! Hehe..."yong yuan kuai kuai le le"-

-Seet, the one who only concern about my shake shake phone...Haha...Anyway, thanks for coming!-

-Bimbo Yap, the one who always bring joys and laughters in my car...She can never sit still in my car...However, thanks for making my night by gossiping about Ms.Exaggerated...Now, I know....Haha-

-Jacq, the one who never fails to attend my birthday party every year! Thanks for the t-shirt and lovely card! -

-K1D1, the new faces among the gang...Thanks for not letting me down! Yes, I'm satisfied that you dress up handsome-ly! Haha...-

-Flo, the one who has bring such a huge impact on my life in the beginning of this year...We now walk to and from college everyday...We have a series on our own...Its now showing season 3 on TVxxx...Thanks for skipping your lovely yoga class to attend my dinner and for buying me such a lovely yam cake! Muackss-

-I've always have the potential to be a star! Lipton will be delighted to see this picture of me advertising their ice lemon tea!-

-The girls who tried to imitate Jack's trademark-

-Looking at this picture reminds me that I've forgotten to take a picture with KeeKee!! Thanks for coming down all the way from Kl to celebrate my birthday! I'm glad you get to reach home on time...-

-ChenChen, the other birthday girl (15/9/1988)...Yes, we both are Sept 15 babies! She will be flying over to Melbourne next year hence I'm so excited that we can at least celebrate our birthday together this year...Thanks for your lovely present ChenChen...Hope you enjoy and like my present too!-

-Me posing with the presents!-

-Me & Jo @ KTZ, SS2-

-Me & Svien @ KTZ, SS2...She gossips all night and we listened to her-

-Me & ChenChen...She seems to be very excited yum cha in KTZ-

To Be Continued.......

Friday, September 4, 2009

- Boston (又一城) @ Sunway Mentari -

Boston *A concept Restaurant With No Chef* grand opening today where they launched the promotion of free drinks with the selection of ying yang, coffee and my favourite milk tea! Unfortunately, the promotion lasted only for half day I guess because when I went there for dinner and the waiter told me "mou sai jor"...*sigh*
Anyway, my family ordered Yong Chow Fried Rice, Beef Ying Yang, Wan Tan Soup Noodle and Fried Wantan as side order...Overall, the food was ok but satisfying cafe ambiance...Their menu is not much different from Kim Gary and Wong Kok...Perhaps they need an ambassador to promote their place soon like what Kim Gary (Bosco) and Wong Kok (Roger Kwok) did...Will be back there for their Cheese Baked Rice and Milk Tea and I shall decide which char chan teng actually the ultimate dominant!
Last but not least, I guess Boston tried to be special by offering free services such as photocopying, faxing, wifi and handphone charging etc etc...Erm, hello?! Hahaha...

LEONG YEE VONN is very emo over the change of Small Business final exam date to 14th September...Hello! My birthday falls on the next day you know...The lame excuse given for the postpone was because there is no room available for us! Helen again threaten us to attend tuesday replacement class or else a zero mark under participation marks...Terrible Woman! She now ranks 2nd behind of Beebee...