Friday, October 31, 2008

-Pro Vice Chancellor Award Interview-

There comes the day! The day that will decide whether I could pursue my final year studies to Melbourne! The interview started with the sequence of Jo, Me, Arthur, Marianne and Jinli...Each of us took approximately about 20minutes except Jinli! She was inside the interview room for more than 30mins! That's because our Ms.Metro was requested for a cat walk inside the room! ahaha...Please I'm joking! haha...
I'm very lazy to blog about how it goes...I'll say that overall its OK! But, I'm not sure if its great enough to impress the interviewer?! Oh, forgotten to mention that the 3 interviewers were Ms.Ellise and Ting sisters! hehe...
Some random questions---->>>>
  • Describe more about yourself??
  • Why do you think you deserve this award??
  • Your strength & weakness??
  • Current newspaper issue?! I talked about the reduction of petrol price to 2.15cent...The others get shot about China Milk powder case
  • Racism issue that you're yet to face in Australia?!
  • If you've won a lottery of one billion?? What will you do??
  • Ohh...They also shoot me in the area of Accountancy...Why la.........

-YES! We're the PVC Candidates! We're done with the interview!-

-We actually waited for 3 of them to come out from the room...Why? Trying to impress them more? Haha...No la please! We're just trying to take a picture with them?! They were too lan si...They ignored us! ahaha-

Anyway! I'm done with my Finals! I'm done with my PVC Award interview! All I've to do now is to wait for the result to be announced at the end of Nov! Finals result will also be released around that time...Now, what should I do? Trying to look for some internship perhaps...Hoping that its not too late to apply now...Can you see that I've the potential? ahaha...Anyone who is interested on me...Ahem...For your company please contact me "privately"...Hehe...
I've just back from celebrating Halloween + Arthur Belated birthday celebration...Shall blog about it tomorrow! Good Night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

-Bejeweled @ Yahoo Games-

Well, what's the first immediate thing that you did upon finishing your last paper??
What? You went and played game?! So, Bejeweled is your favourite past time activity...
What aspire you to start playing this game? Ok...I heard it...You don't need to repeat twice...I know...I heard you...Its your mum who aspire you to play this game and out of so many games in Yahoo?! Ok Ok...
What's your greatest achievement in playing this game so far?? Well, congrats its not easy reaching Level 12 in 31minutes...Keep it going by breaking your current records!

Wishing you all the best in Pro-Vice Chancellor Award interview tomorrow! No fear! Worse come to worse, you will stay Malaysia...Forget about your wish of going Melbourne...Tu..Tu..Tu..Tu..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

-No Fear...No Harm...Why Worry...-

  1. There is no more PRIVACY inside your room!! Lock the door perhaps?? But, locking the door will put you under suspicious...So how now brown cow??!!!
  2. Oct 29 2008 (The day You will rest in peace)...Two theories and writing subjects final papers fall on the same day...Audit (8.15am-11.30am)...Price Theory (1.45pm-5pm)...God Bless you...You may need an emergency standby medical aid for you...In case you fainted inside the exam hall! Ah Woooo.....
  3. Please get yourself prepare for PVC Award interview on Friday...Sincerely wishing your 4 others strong contenders THE BEST OF LUCK! Please smile and dress up as SEXY as possible to impress the interviewer! Hahaha......

Saturday, October 25, 2008

-Kill 2 Subjects In One Shot-

There is an idiom of "Killing 2 birds in one stone"...I've just killed 2 subjects in one shot!
Don't get too excited please...That doesn't hint that I've totally master Price Theory and Auditing subjects...These 2 lovely subjects final papers fall on the same day (29th Oct 2008) from morning to afternoon...Non stop theory writing papers!
How's my progress? I would like to report on how successful is my current progress on these 2 subjects...Just when I'm reading Auditing Topic 2 half way....I made a huge mistake...The sentence should sounds like "....application of safeguards to reduce any treats created....."
Guess what! I read it out loudly as "...application of safeguards to reduce the level of emissions...." Opppss.... "___"
Hence, I can conclude that I've mixed up Pt and Audit! So, its time for a break! I shall take a short nap now....Sigh...........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

-Charmaine's Update-


  • Charmaine shall be filming for a new Hk Tv series in the coming 2009 year with her rumor Bf's Kevin Cheng in 《宫心计》 aka Hk version of Jewel of Palace...This drama will take scene in Tang's Dynasty with other co-starring of Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Selina Lee and etc......It will be TVB 2009 Grand production however the casts are unconfirmed yet...Looking forward to this series!!
  • Charmaine is currently filming <企業醫生> "Enterprise Doctor" a comedy Tv series with Dayo Wong Chi Wah...This shall be another great production! A funny Dayo VS Pretty Ah sheh....Ah Woooooo
  • Charmaine's upcoming new drama 《东山飘雨西关晴》 "When Easterly Showers Fall on The Sunny West" co starring Joe Ma and Liza Wang will be shown on Astro On Demand on 27 Oct 2008 after "The Four"...A must download drama!
  • Ah Sheh is nominated for Best Actress in TVB 41 Anniversary Award in Forensic Heroes 2 with her role as "Madam Ma"...However, she faces 3 strong competitors from Moonlight Resonance! Oww....This is tough...All the best to her!

Currently Watching----->>>> Last One Standing (與敵同行) & The Four (少年四大名捕)
Currently Downloading---->>> Gem of Life (珠光寶氣) 80 episodes TVB Grand Production

Casts-->> Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Maggie Siu, Lee Shi Kei, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Wong Hei, Eddie Kwan & etc.......

Saturday, October 18, 2008

-Healthy Daily Tips-

Health - Important Tips (Please take notes)

  1. Answer the phone by LEFT ear (Hmm...The very one two times I answer my phone using left hand on left ear was when I needed a helping hand...Hand fully loaded with stuff la!)
  2. Do not drink Coffee TWICE a day (Ohh...I'm healthy! Because I'm not really a coffee addiction)
  3. Do not take pills with COOL water (Erm...Friends who know me...I will hardly take PILLS in my life...Haha...*Touch wood*)
  4. Do not have HUGE meal after 5pm (Hello?! This cannot be done wei! Huge meal refer to dinner and everyone have their dinner after 6pm...Hence, I assume the "HUGE MEAL" refers to supper)
  5. Reduce the amount of OILY food you consume (I'll never able to full fill this requirement...Sigh)
  6. Drink more WATER in the morning and less at night (Opps...I woke up at 11am the most so erm how am I suppose to drink more water in the "morning" leh??)
  7. Keep your distance from hand phone CHARGERS (Ok! I'm very alert of the risk of this chargers thingy so I always keep it a distance from me)
  8. Do not use headphone/earphone for LONG period of time (30minutes? Safe?)
  9. Best sleeping time is from 10PM at night to 6AM in the morning (Hahaha...Laugh die me...This reminds me of Arthur! Hahaha...)
  10. When hand phone battery is down the LAST grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000TIMES! (OMG...This is the one I can't laugh ok! I used to chat on the phone till the last grid and yet continuing my conversation while charging...This is a habit that must be changed immediately)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

-MSN Monkey Emoticon-

Attention to all MSN Monkey emoticon lovers! *ahem I'm one of this monkey fans anyway*...You can now keep these cute & lovely & adorable & annoying & yong sui monkeys as your MSN collection...Ohh...Btw, I just discovered these monkeys are named [Yoyo & CiCi]...

Click on
Then right click and save it as picture...
Create and name your monkey on MSN...
Its just that simple right?! Now go and save it please! Join me *Monkey Fans Club* HEhe...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

-BBQ Chicken @ 1U-

-Korea's No1 Chicken Restaurant and the 1st in the world to use 100% olive oil to cook their dishes...They provide us a warm and polite service...This is why I won't complain in paying the service charge! Pyramid's Dragon-I, Pizza Hut and SS2's One Noodle provide a very very bad and lousy service!-

-Mushroom Soup-

Fish Cutlet- Fresh tender fish fillet fried with olive oil comes with a unique savory taste complete with coleslaw and fries...Please do not compare this to Manhattan or Fish Co as fish is not their signature dish...

Jerk BBQ- First of all, I've no idea why they name it as "Jerk"...haha...Its a Chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire marinated in Korean style barbeque sauce made of more than 20 natural seasoning...Complete with Golden Fries and Coleslaw...This is good! Except its a smaller portion...haha...

-Set Lunch include a scoop of ice-cream...Its much more worth it compare to KFC Meal...I Say NO NO NO to KFC...-

-We didn't order fried chicken though...Finals and SPM are around the corner wei...Say NO to fried food! *Opps...Aren't fries also fried?! We didn't finish up the fries la Hello!!*...BTW, BBQ Chicken is looking for vacancy! RM4.50 per hour... -

-Camwhore 1...The jacket was a bday present from E&F gang (SExy, Sardine, Jack, Jin & Turtle)...Thanks!-

-Camwhore 2...Sexy bought me a grey color...Aiyo...She can really read my mind la...haha...-

-YO! What's up Babe!! I finally blog about the jacket...Sorry for the delay people...Finals on Oct 20th la! Omg.....-

OK! I'm done in updating my blog...Its time to get back to revision! *Muacks*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

-One Day Trip @ BDO Binder-

40 Metropolitan College's Accountancy major students paid a visit to BDO Binder Audit firm, located in KL today...We Auditing students and so called "2nd year Senior students" been threaten by our lecturer, Ms.Stiff-Faint to attend this talk...Haha...Just kidding! She's too kind to even scold us! Anyway, we made a deal with her in order to join this trip...*Shhh*
Among the highlights of the trip ---->>>
  1. They begin by giving a talk on the strategies of BDO, Why join BDO, What's the requirement and etc....The talk was given by an Advisory Head Dprt (Mr.Mok)...He's used to be in KPMG and he seems enjoying himself in BDO...Haha...You will realise in the way he complimented BDO with the comparison with Big 4...Ohh...He even claim BDO as Big 5...
  2. Q&A session after the talk...As usual, Asian Students are shy! They will stay silent despite having lots of question marks in their mind...Haha...Hence, they proceed to Prize giving ceremony and those gimmick exchange souvenir ceremony...Haha...*lame lame* Diane was awarded as the Distinction student for Acct Theory...RM300 mock cheque was presented to her...
  3. We then have a quick tour around their office of different Dprt's...Nothing special about it...All the staffs moving non stop in their paperworks or perhaps jia jia-ing to show us how hardworking they are?! keke...One floor by one floor.........Ohh....We even went to their wash room! haha...
  4. The happiest moment! Its time for lunch...They prepared us some white rice, Rendang Chicken, Sesame Fish, Minced Tao-Foo and Mixed vegetables...Well, 8/10 satisfaction because I set curry puff and milo as the minimum requirement before reaching there...Wahaha...

-This is when we all acted professional in front of our lecturer-

-The Auditing Gang...Opps...Charis pirated Auditing student?! hehe...-

-This is when we acted so immature...haha...We are not qualify for BDO Internship requirement-

We left BDO around 1pm and it was raining heavily in KL...Praying hard that Subang will be in good weather turns horrible when it was raining cats and dogs in Subang!! Our bus need to make a few turns for an appproriate place to drop us...Hello!! All high heels and skirt ok...Hehe...Metropolitan College was flooded! Omg...
Btw...The Si Gemuk Sri Devi piss me off!! She is so unqualified to be a lecturer...Sigh...I pity Metropolitan College for hiring such lecturer...Ms.Stiff-Faint was once again being kind to us by ending the class 30mins earlier...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

-This Is No Coincidence-

Let me first clarify myself...I did not play Jay's song on purpose nor getting those people to play same songs as me! Hehe...It was all so coincidence...Believe or not?! Sorry for the bad quality of print screen picture...

[12.46am]- Jenzi, NiaHon and Me listening to Jay song

[12.50am]- Marianne, Jenzi and Me listening to Jay song again!

[12.54am]- Jenzi & Marianne both listening to Jay's Qing Hua Chi (青花瓷)

[12.57am]- The end of print screen picture...None of us listening to same song...Hahaha

Jay had just released his new album...Not many tracks boom me the desire to listen everyday...I choose 魔杰座...红楼梦中...女儿红...从新爱 be my favourites in this album mainly because it suit my mood and style...LeeHom new album pre-order is around the corner...Listened to one of his song 摇滚怎么了 (What's wrong with me)...A combination of Rock & Oriental music...Not many can accept this new song...They claimed that its weird! I kinda of love that song but not too fancy...But, I salute him for trying on new music! Music Industry needs talented Singer + Producer like Leehom!! Well Done!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm blogging this post on the basis of random-ness, highlighting what I've been thinking for the day...Warning: The picture that you about to see below is irrelevant to my contents of this post...So why upload this picture then?? Well, because it reflects my current mood...Hahaha...If you're a loyal reader of my blog, you will realise I never failed to upload any pictures along with my post...Its my style anyway...I feel dull without a picture...

  • Have you ever listen to the song "....Pretty woman...Walking down the street...Ohhh...Pretty woman...."?? Will the song sounds nicer if the lyrics changed in this way... "...Ugly woman...Climbing up the hill...Ohhh...You ugly woman..."??
  • I must confess that Auditing subject is my potential failure subject for the semester...100% memorising work and assuming no tips will be given by my beloved Auditing lecturer Ms. Stiff-Faint...
  • I'm currently in love with SS2...Its not some beautiful place with nice sea nor garden view...But! Its undeniable nice foods are everywhere there! I've been to SS2 thrice in this week...I believe I'll be going there for the 4th time in a row...
  • I'm taking this opportunity to wish my lovely Mum Happy Birthday (3/10/2008)...Today, it will be a day where my mum will acts as the Queen...She shall be watching her favourite TVB drama for the whole day leaving all the house chores to me and my sis...Anyway, I sounds so so so bad...Only offering help to clean house on your birthday?? You're a bad bad daughter...Wahaha...Btw, Nath birthday falls on the same day too, hence Happy Birthday in advance...