Monday, March 30, 2009

-Its Baskin Robbins Day!-

Its 31st March 2009!! I had a dream of having 3 double scoops of Baskin Robbins Ice cream last night...I can still recall the 3 flavours...Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream and some lemon what what which is blue in color! Ok I know I sounds ridiculous...But, well you know dreams...
OMG!! I feel so distracted with ice cream now!! My class starting at 2pm and yet I am here (1.30pm) blogging about ice cream!!
My quote of the day "No Ice Cream, No Life"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

-Support Earth Hour?!-

I was watching Maiden Vow's drama on 8tv and this is when the advertisement of "3 days countdown to earth hour" suddenly pop out reminds me of what Mun See said today...
Mun See (2009) suggests that switching off the air-con & Television is a more environmental friendly method of supporting this campaign...However, public have the perception that it will create the mass media's attention by switching the light off! No one will really knows if you ever turn off your other electric appliances in your house! So shall we turn off our light for one hour (8.30-9.30pm) on this saturday?! A friend of mine said that he wants to study for his upcoming IME test on monday hence, it is most likely that he will refuse to support this campaign...Haha...
Anyway, for further information on this campaign, kindly click on the nuffnang adv on the right hand side ----->>> Can you see the switch? Click on it...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

-Robbery!! Snatch Thief!!-

Received an email on a Robbery happened on March 17 2009 in Taman Maluri, Cheras...This is a video of it...Please have a look at it...Everthing happened not more than 2 minutes!

Besides,I also received a SMS few minutes ago...The content sounds like this "Remember never put your handbag next to driver seat when you drive...A motorcyclist just broke a colleague's car window with bare hands and sped off with her handbag...Just in front of Ajinamoto! Few hours ago..."My aunt works in Ajinamoto and her unlucky colleague was the poor victim...

Hence, Rakyat rakyat Malaysia out there...Please be extra alert and careful if you ever see any suspicious motorcyclist around...Especially after so many cases and warnings spread through email...Its really never safe to walk around anymore...I shall be alert of my surroundings after parking my car at SS12 too...An incident happened few weeks ago around there to a Metro college student too...My aunt said there was no sight of the girl parking there anymore...Aihzzz....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

-2 Perfect Sample of Resignation Letter-

Uploading these 2 samples of resignation letter for fun! Hahaha...Just to cheer up every souls out there burning midnight oil rushing assignment...

-I wish I could crap like this in my assignment-

-I wish I could submit my assignment in this form too! Your deadly student......-

Alright, its time to get back to work! Leong (2009) said "I hate group assignment!"....Individual makes better decision than group (Leong 2009)....My quote of the day "YOU'RE A GOOD EGG EVEN IF YOU'RE LITTLE CRACKED"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

-Jack & Svien's 21st Bday Celebration-

Celebrated Jack's 21st (17/3/2009) and Svien's 21st (19/3/2009) on Tuesday at Pyramid's Wong Kok Char Chan Teng...What's Jack response when I told him we heading to Wong Kok??!!! "Jack: Abuhhhhhhhhh.....Hahahhhhhh..."Crazy fella haha...Unfortunately, our tai ka jie Marianne Chung fall sick! *sigh*...So, Jack was pretty glad no one scolded nor teased him on his boooo day...We end up gossiping about.......*** *** & the boyfriend, Gym personal trainer, *scratch head woman* etc etc....Hahahaha.....

-The gigantic Milk Tea was given free by Wong Kok to the Bday Boy & Bday Girl-

-You're seriously 75% similiar to "Dead Fish" in this picture...Never comb hair! Haha-

-Thank God...A pretty girl after dead fish picture!-

-Yf & Keith insisted them to sit closer closer closer...Ahemmm-

-Awww...Lets talk about this cake! Jo and I actually fell in love with this cake upon we step in Rt...Beautiful cake but tasted ok because the strawberry was extremly sour!-

-Lets make a wish...Make a wish......-

-Yay! Group picture! Everyone looks so healthy! Haha-

Honestly, tuesday (17/3/2009) was my suckiest day in my life...Once I reached home after the celebration, bad things started to happen around me non stop...One by one through out the whole day! I was deeply EMO on tuesday! So, if I ever scold anybody or "tak endah attitude" on tuesday, please forgive me...*Muacks*

Friday, March 13, 2009

-Dead Fish?? Dead Brain??-

Frankly speaking, I find it difficult communicating with a dead fish recently! Let me briefly list out my experiences dealing with this dead fish ----->>>
  • The "dead fish" will never reply your sms *That's rude to me*
  • The "dead fish" can hardly response to your question...Even if he response, it will takes at least more than 10 seconds and it would not be a verbal reply...Perhaps just nodding the head and not even with an eye contact! *Rude attitude*
  • The "dead fish" will seriously looks freaking dead & sleepy even during class or assignment discussion...As if he had never sleep in his whole life before! *sigh*
  • The only active attitude from "dead fish" is making funny silly faces and noise...It really distracted my assignment discussion especially when my another group member almost burst out in tears laughing while I need to hold my breath not to laugh along!
  • Another thing that freak me out is when there is some particular moment where "dead fish" will laugh at himself for nothing! Especially when we are discussing some serious matter, he will be giggling *tersengih* there...

I seriously have no idea how endurance my patience is towards him for the next meeting...Perhaps have a serious talk with him?! Do remember we got such thing as Peer Evaluation...Hehe...Well, I think I should give him a break..."Dead Fish" may seems "Wu Yao Ke Jiu" but he might be a very productive person! We shall see how it goes.............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

-Garden Cafe @ 1Utama-

Allow me to briefly rate this Garden Cafe:
  1. Cafe Ambiance- Excellent
  2. Food- Average
  3. Price- Good
  4. Staff friendliness- Excellent
  5. Food Served within- 15 minutes
  6. Order Taken within- 5 minutes
  7. Will I still visit Garden Cafe again- YES

-Set Lunch with a choice of Ice Lemon Tea, Tea or Coffee-

-Cod fish with ginger sauce-

-Black Pepper Chicken Chop-

-Chicken Cheese Cutlet *Triple C*-

My house phone is currently out of service...No idea why it is not working...Made a report to Telekom and they will send a person by latest on Tuesday! How efficient! *sigh* Hence, I am currently connecting internet through an unsecured wireless network which is very unstable...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

-American Breakfast @ SS15, PepperCorn-

We (Yu Jia, Florence, Szu Kee, Jo & Me) went to SS15 Peppercorn for breakfast on Wednesday to fill in our damn 4 hours break! I was actually rooting for PizzaHut Rm7++ meal but once again, our Florence Jie made us walk further down from PizzaHut! According to her, we need to exercise wo.........Hahaha....Then Ok lo.....It was really FUN walking there...Its not even opposite Old Town wei! Florence cheated us!! Haha...But its ok la...She compensate us by filling in our hungry stomach with a satisfying and affordable American Breakfast...

-The American Breakfast set comes with a Mini Orange Juice-

Wednesday was also Metro's C&S Day! Not very happening this semester as I don't see any cars around...Wonder if MotorSport Club still exist?! Haha...Anyway, Marianne's mission in becoming The RSO President FAILED (NNN)! RSO is no longer exist, Ohhh....That's so sad...Anyway, I saw an announcement stated that "The College Heard You........" We can now park inside college for RM150 per month...Didn't really read that announcement...But, I know you can share with another friend and you must remove your car the least before 5.15pm...Erm...What rule is this wei?! What if my class ends at 6pm?!

OB lecture was cancelled! I guess majority of us went home instead of hibernating for another 2 hours in college for Ravi's class...Hooray! Class cancelled is always the happiest thing in College Student's life! Muahahaa....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

-BlueBerry CheeseCake-

My sister was in a great mood this morning and she decided to make a chill cheesecake! After a few lemon chill cheesecake attempts, its time for a change...She rooted for blueberry and coffee cheesecake! Bravo Babi Yenn! Its another successful attempt...Tasted even more delicious...If you asked me, did I helped her? YES Of course! I offer to help her cleaning the messy kitchen...Hahaha...I was having class in the morning la so sorry la....

-Tadaa! BlueBerry Chill Cheesecake-

-Do no judge the cake from its base! Seriously its nice but kinda of smaller portion this time-

-Mini Coffee Chill Cheesecake for my Mummy! Coffee her all time favourite! Can't think of anything for topping should just leave it plain-

Monday, March 2, 2009

-BabiNess Under Maintenance- is currently undergoing renovation...I am currently working on the new blog skin...However, it seems like I'm not creative nor smart enough to handle such innovative stuff! Haha...I surfed a few site and tried to changed my Babiness blog however! *sigh* I am stuck with "revert classic template", "layout settings", "CBox setting" etc etc...Please bare with me and meanwhile please accept my current "unacceptable" blog skin...Thank You! Haha.....

-This looks great but it would be better with orange color instead of green-

-A bit too girlish for me?! Haha-

-No Comment-

Btw! BeeBee showed us a clip on Enron titled "Shredded Story Behind Enron Collapse"...Copyright from Hallmark channel and there goes our Ethical Issue lecture for the day...I feel that they should motivate student by making more movies on major collapses Hahaha...