Monday, May 10, 2010

- Empire Shopping Gallery @ SS16 -

Paid a visit to this new shopping mall after 2 days of its grand opening...Just in case you got no idea where is this mall, its behind Subang Parade...Nothing much as its still very very new and I highly recommend a cinema to be open here because S.Pyramid's cinema suck...Unfortunately, I don't see such a huge space for a cinema inside this mall...

Thank God, Malaysia Thomas Cup team fought for a victory in yesterday Quarter Final match against Denmark...All I can read in today newspaper was only about hafiz hafiz and hafiz...Have you all forgotten our Datuk Lee, KKK/TBH? What about our veteran WCH?? He fought so hard too and the scratch pair combination were not that bad too...
Thomas Cup ain't one man show people...Tomorrow Semi Final match against China will be very very tough...Our boys will need to give it a 200% effort to beat the great wall of china! Despite slim hope, I wish that our boys could spring some miracle or at least lose it with pride...I really hate to see China winning the cup over and over again...All the best!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

- Thai Thai @ Sunway Pyramid -

I'm gonna keep this "delayed post" as short as possible because I have so many more pending posts for my dead blog...As a token of gratitude to PD Team Building's Committee Members, HR spent us lunch at Thai Thai...Long life HR!!!

-Had a short wrap up meetings before heading to Sunway Pyramid-

-HR's treat hence nobody dares touching the menu Hahaha-

-I seriously gain weight...Look at me!! At this moment I really hate myself...Sigh...-

-If Loo Suet Wern ever reads my blog, I hope I'm a success in making her envy!-

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