Monday, August 31, 2009

- Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya (Hong Kee) -

Celebrated Cher's 21st Bird-Day cum secondary school reunion at DJ's Hong Kee...Wanted to try the other famous "Jin Xuan DimSum" but its fully occupied and crowded...Lots of fun and laughter catching up with our old classmate juicy gossip...Sadly, I couldn't join them to Cher's house as I went SS2 to buy something...Anyway, Happy 21st Birthday (30/8/2009) CCL!

-The Bday girl and me-

-Alright, she promised me a "BURP"-

-The Sweet Adeline-

-CS said Adeline should be seated in a separated table from us because she is no longer single and available...Hahaha-

-The Girls (BeeLin, CherLynn, Me & Adeline)-

-Ohhh..Let us say Hi to this Mr.Singaporean (CCS)-

Tomorrow is the end of my FINAL MID SEM BREAK and I gotta get back to study...FM Mid sem test tomorrow & Small B final exam next wednesday...However, as qouted by Marianne "very easy only lahhhhh"...Whoever who believe Marianne will fail their subject miserably I guess? Hahahaha...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

- MJ 51st Birthday Celebration -

Let me briefly highlight you the events for the day (29 August 2009)
  • A 4-hour MJ marathon (12pm - 4pm) on lite FM where they gave out 3 exclusive MJ hamper packs, each filled with 17 of his biggest albums and a limited-edition MJ t-shirt! *sigh* They asked simple question on "man in the mirror, billie jean and you're not alone"...I did called and tried at least 20times but luck was not on my side as its busy line through out the day...Lucky 1 guy and 2 girls caller who won the hamper...
  • MJ's 51st Birthday open party celebration @ StarHill gallery
  • Mj's 30th Anniversary celebration concert as a solo performer @ 8TV 10.45 tonight!

P/S: Credits to Jo-Ann...She was the one sms me on the lite fm contest...I enjoyed the 4hours listening to Mj's songs...So erm, thank you Jo?! Haha...I finally acknowledge you...Happy?! Haha...So, I'm dragging everyone to MJ's "This Is It" movie on OCT 29...Don't try running away from me...Me, no insane...Hahahahaha.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

- Michael Jackson Merchandiser -

Is extremely very excited now because I found "Shop The Michael Jackson Official Store"!!!
A few t-shirts attracted my attention...It feels so nice, lovely and warm wearing on MJ's t-shirt on your body...*Singing.....You're Not Alone......For I'm here with you....." Please don't treat me as an insane woman...Hahaha...
Check it out the site here --->

-Michael Jackson Royal Girls Fitted Black Tee-

-Michael Jackson Spray Stencil Women's Shirt *BEST SELLER*-

-Michael Jackson I Heart MJ Women's Shirt *BEST SELLER*-

- Wan Tan Mee -

I've no idea why but YES...I've a sudden craving for Wan Tan Mee...*jumping like a kid crying for wan tan mee now*...Look at the delicious and tender "char siew"...OMG! I'm so dead...Hmm...I wonder which one to choose...
  1. Koon Kee @ Uptown
  2. Seng Kee @ Pj State

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

- Random Post -

The short story of the day begins when I'm forced to wake up at 7.28am...Feeling very reluctant to attend Small Business tutorial, I get myself dress up *of course I brush my teeth* and leave the house at 7.50am...Drove as slow as possible but I still managed to reach college at 8am...The moment I saw Helen's face...Ohhh Noooo...I tell myself it is such a big mistake attending this useless class...It is such a waste of time...Imagine, I could have playing Facebook games early this hour!
Anyway, I'm playing facebook game day and night despite heavy workload coming ahead...
  1. QA assignment due on 1st September
  2. FM Mid sem test on 1st September
  3. Small Business Finals on 10th September
  4. FM's Money Market assignment
  5. QA take home test

In conclusion, the mid semester break next week is nothing to be happy about because I'll need to revise Small B and FM...
In addition, I no Like AShi-ton, I no Like Talama, I no Like Excel...Thank you...

Friday, August 14, 2009

- Florence's Bday @ Bubba Gump -

Thursday (13th August 2009) was the day where Florence and I go high together...She was extremely happy laughing all day long...In addition, this was the day the released of (Florence The Orange Show) from Episode 1-8...
Anyway, we *Jo, Kyth, SzuKee & Tracy* celebrated the "tai ka jie" XXth Birthday at Bubba Gump! Sexy couldn't make it because she was busy studying for Investment exam on Monday despite she feels like she knows everything already *lan si lahhhh* Hahaha...

-Shrimper's Heaven-

-Kyth's Dumb Luck Coconut Shrimp...He claims that I chosen the wrong thing for him because of the name Dumb Dumb-

-Cajun Shrimp, Florence's pick-

-Chocolate Chip Cookies as the cake replacement for Florence...Because, dia tak mau cake...I know why ok..Because of the amounts of candles hahahah-

-We get her a red wine as her present...High class right?! I think I will only receive a can of Coca Cola as my birthday present...Haha...Lucky Florence!-

-She says NO, I cannot tag this on Facebook or she will kill me! Oh well, this is my blog...So I present you the ugly side of Florence Hehe-

The total bill accumulated to the amount of RM1719.15...Opps, Sorry! Typing error...RM171.95...Haha, we are just poor students from Metropolitan College la...Haha...
Anyway, photo credits to Jo-Ann! Thanks! Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLORENCE THEN