Thursday, January 22, 2009

-Pizza Hut's Golden Fortune Pizza-

This week, we had our first visiting lecture! Its MR.Greg McLeod for Ethical Issue subject...Well, at least I can escape from seeing Beebee's face for the 1st week...Haha...The 3 days class might not be a very entertaining class mainly because the subject itself is boring...However, Mr.Greg can be very funny especially on the 2nd day...Muahaha...He accidentally injured his knee...That was a funny part...

-YeeVonn, FLorence, Zoo Ci, Yu Jay,JoAnn & Mr.Greg...Oh Yeah...He is a tall guy! Its better if he sits down and we stand...haha-

-YuFoong once again the sole survivor in our Accounting Theory class...Act that there is another handsome Way Khong but he skipped class...-

I ordered Golden Fortune Combo Meal at Sunway Pyramid's Pizza Hut today...This "Nian Nian You Yu Pizza" really let me down with disappointment...Tiny pineapples, crab sticks, prawn, fish and golden ring of cheesy crown did bring auspicious meaning for Chinese New Year...However, they used tuna fish, tempura prawns were not fresh and the pastry was not good! The only thing that I could say Yes is the finger biting cheesy crown around the pizza...I gave it a 2/5 rating...
I fully recommend you Domino Pizza more than Pizza Hut...Domino's improved a lot on their pizza...Even their mushroom soup and breadsticks can be compared to Pizza Hut...Do remember, Domino also provide you free delivery...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

-Manhattan Fish Market @ Cineleisure-

I finally went Ikea to get my Pussy Willow plant for CNY house decoration! I don't know why but I got a very big interest to grow this plant...I'm taking care of this plant like my kids!! hehe...Kelly told me that her grandma had already get this plant 2months ago...I asked why so hurry?! According to her grandma, this willow willow plant could last for a year! Omg...So I assume that it will takes time for the fur bud to grow in shape...But...But...Cny is around the corner wei...Aiyer.....Lack of experience, that's why la...Hahaha...
I shall update you more pictures of my pussy pussy willow on my next blog post ok?! I promise...

-Seafood Pasta from Manhattan Fish Market...A very very small portion for Rm19.90-

-Seafood Platter for One from MFM-

My Acct theory class is currently having a crisis! A few mafia's having a big clashes with both tutorial and lectures...We've discussed to please each other time table...But, by the time we get to please A, B got a clash...Just when we've decided thurs morning will be just alright for B, C got a clash...When we get a right day and time for C, Ms.MunSee got another class!! Eh Omg...Never ending stories...Ms.MunSee has finally decided to change lecture to wed morning to please everyone however!! Making that move will cause us "the majority" a big gap in btw to the next class...4hours break! Tu...Tu....Tu...."Nombor yang anda dial tidak dapat dihubungi...Sila jangan telefon lagi".....................

Friday, January 16, 2009

-Marianne's Bday @ Tomoe SS15-

-Tomoe Japanese Restaurant suggested by Jacq...Why we choose Japanese Restaurant? Bcoz of the Moi Moi zhai down there-

-Jin can't wait to take a picture of the pretty Birthday Girl upon her arrival in the restaurant...She was late btw!-

-Salmon Sashimi...Honestly, I still couldn't stand raw meat! Hehe-

-Sexy never fails but to order this-

-Unagi Rice...Poor Svien waited for so long for this...We should have ask for discount!-

-The 3 girls followed my car there...We were the 2nd to reach-

-1st step...We discussed if the mission could be done-

-2nd Step...Omg! Everyone failed the mission and burst out with laughters EXCEPT a cute one-

-Take 3...Erm...Finally one acting serious...Wait...Why was Svien smiling?! Haha...Look at the Ugly Sexy...Give her one more second and I bet she would laugh out for sure...-

-Sigh...Why show such a poor and miserable look?! I'm forced to try on a very very small piece of salmon sashimi...-

-Now You see Jack-

-Now, You don't want to see Jack! hahahaa-

-Ok...Totally no idea why Jin show such face...What happened to you?! Vin proposed you on the phone?! hahaha-

-The 3 Mobile Women CEO...So busy with their phone...-

-Take more picture with the smart one...You can threaten him next time...Maybe in few years time, this picture will be very useful to threathen him for $$$$....Hehe-

-May I my lovely Jinli?! Aiyer....You want to die ar Jack?!-

-Finally a picture of me & Sexy and there were more...Stay tune...-

-Sexy wanted a brownies so we get her choc and cheese brownies each-

-Sexy posting with a handmake card...Wah...Such a lovely card...Hope you like it Sexy...Its a very very creative stuff that I ever done...-

Sexy showed off her new bought "Sexy Lips Tissue pocket"...Each of us required to take picture with it according to the picture sequeence...Pity Jin, Jacq & Svien...Jack saliva! haha...Its ok...Just basmi kuman la...

Its 11.11pm now! Wishing you Marianne Chung Wai Yee, my 21 years old Sexy Happy Birthday!! Sang Yat Fai Lok...Sen Re Kuai Le...SElamat Hari Jadi...May 18th January 2008 be a blasting Birthday to you...Last but not least, please remember the angpow you owe me...If you break this tradition giving me no angpow, next year you see la! ahaha....ahaha...ahaha...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

-Kuih Siput (Best Savoury Snack)-

The crunchy Kuih siput is a must during Chinese New Year in our family tradition every year...But, we never tried of making ourselves because it really takes time throughout the frying process...Mum normally buy it from night market...Even the price for kuih siput has now gone up, hence we *me, mum & sis* decided to make it ourselves! Basically the ingredients included flour, dried red chili, dried prawn (udang kering), onion, oil, baking powder and salt...We rolled out the dough using a fork to form the so call siput pattern...I guess its much more like a macaroni shape...Hahaha...Please do not laugh!! However, it seriously taste good...I rate our siput 75% and its consider high for our 1st attempt... ^-^

-We chosen the other method of cooking it...Steam? No way! We baked it instead of frying...A more healthier way perhaps?! 15mins after baking (pic)-

-Our Kuih Siput is done!! Please do not judge my "Kuih Macaroni" based on the picture...Want to have a try??? Come visit my house during CNY with an extremely big angpow! Haha-

Lectures officially started today! Getting a little bit excited but Financial Planning 4pm class really spoilt my mood...4pm is the best time for taking a nap you know?! I hope you know Dr.Ravi but sigh....Too bad, you're such a busy person where you can only accommodate 4-6pm time for us...Overall, he gave me a quite good 1st impression...
I'm now looking forward for Ethical Issue class! I missed my Dr.Koh BeeBee very very much..."__"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

-Shopping @ The Curve, Ikano-

*Yawn* Headed to college early 9.30am *erm yea...9.30am considered early to me* to settle up the undone mess yesterday...At least I don't need to cramp in the crowd inside RMIT office early in the morning...Finally get myself enrolled into final year 1st semester...I'm now officially a 3rd year Accountancy student!
Drove to Mentari's Eon Bank to settle something that been delayed for weeks too but it is definitely worth the wait...Hehe...
What's next?! Sleeping?! Nah...Its time for shopping!! The word (s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g) had been removed from my dictionary 2months ago due to my poorness!! *No $$$$* I realised I'm in the mood to Ikano hence headed to The Curve...Lunch at Kim Gary, missing their Cheese Bake Rice but it seems like they didn't improve on their meals...
It was great shopping around again! I'm also in the mood for CNY...End up spending RM180++...This amount might be a small amount to some people out there but it means a lot too me wei...But, I'm not sam tong, no worries...Hahaha...

-Halo 2009-

-Modelling act incase you miss me-

-Randon pictures at Ikea-

-Random pictures at Ikea-

-Random pictures at Ikea-

-Inspecting something?! Trying to act as the Boss of Ikea?! Btw, I am sorry Meiyen I forgotten your 2009 Ikea catalogue! hehe-

-I saw this poster at Ikano's ladies long time ago but never thought of taking a picture of it...It can be quite hilarious and funny...I 88% agree that Ikano make clean public toilets happen!-