Sunday, November 22, 2009

- Weekly Updates -

Let me narrow down my weekly updates to a number list because I am not in a high five mood to blog my day from Monday-Sunday...Haha

  1. 6pm-8pm had always been my favourite tv past time but recently, I started to dislike this 2hours duration due to some reason...I hope this annoying feeling will vanish soon
  2. 2 of my results were out on Friday and thank god! It was such a blessing that I score HD for both QA and FM...Now, I silently awaiting Small B result and looking for the right time to declare "I've officially graduated!"
  3. The release of results will also means that its time for job seeking! Gosh...I'm so not ready for it yet...Haha...
  4. Outings had not be very smooth this week though...Its either I ffk people or people ffk me...That's so cool!
  5. Went to this "Teh Tarik Place" @ IOI Mall on Saturday...I just couldn't accept the increasing numbers of Kopitiam around...There is this well known "Old Town" then there are "New Taste", "Old Taste" and I even saw one with the name of "Little Boy" the other day...Hahaha...Increasing competition seriously...
-Cucur Udang RM2 per piece! Its so so expensive...I can get 3 pieces for only RM1 wei-

-Maggie Goreng! I Missssss College's Mamak Stall Maggie Goreng! Maybe I will find a day to go back and ta pou-

Till then see ya! Is heading for lunch now...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

- UpComing Movies -

Watched 2012 on the first day screening and the queue were extremely long! I couldn't stand the massive queue in Sunway Pyramid so I headed to 1u instead and at least I get to catch 2.45pm show...It was an awesome, touching and interesting movie...The disaster effects were more or less similar to "The Day After Tomorrow" though...However, its worth your money to watch it seriously...Anyway, is looking forward to watch the following movies...

  1. Toy Story 3 (18 June 2010)...Gonna wait till my neck long I guess but this movie always brings back sweet childhood memories...
  2. Ninja Assassin (25 November 2009) starring Rain and the trailer seems nice! TRAILER:
  3. Avatar (18 December 2009) a latest production by Titanic producer
  4. Little Big Soldier (February 2010)...Leehom's previous movie *Lust, Caution* was kinda of boring...Hoping that his collaboration with Jackie Chan this time can turn up to be a huge success for his movie acting career...
Result might be out anytime from now...God Bless me and wish me luck!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

- This Is It Movie Reviews -

Watched this piece of work directed by Kenny Ortega last Tuesday in Sunway Pyramid and it was awesome! Many express disappointment because they showed songs and dancing stunts more than close up interview with Mj...I personally prefer watching him singing and dancing because he is so damn cool on stage! My only disappointment is that they didn't include my favorite song "You're Not Alone" inside the movie but its ok, overall it is still a great show!

-MJ's young lead guitarist Orianthi Panagaris catches my attention when she walked out and rock us with her guitar skills for Black & White song and They Don't Care About Us with snippets of History-

-This is the scene where MJ rehearsed for "Human Nature" and he showed some kind of humors here-

-Last but not least, MJ principal background dancers that had undergo auditions were also the best among the best! I couldn't take off my eyes from those macho men! -

In addition to the above, I also enjoyed "I just can't stop loving you" song where MJ duet with one of his background singers Judith Hill, a 3D version "Thriller", "Beat It" and "Earth Song"...Also love it when they end the movie with "Man in the mirror" that brings back lots of sweet memories...I will now be awaiting the release of This Is It DVD version and I "HEART" Michael Jackson!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

- BBQ @ Kelana Mahkota -

Occasion--> RMIT Annual BBQ Gathering + Some Random Curtin-ians
Date--> 2nd Nov 2009 (Monday)
Time--> 4pm-10pm
Location--> Kelana Mahkota Condominium
Babi's--> Marianne, YinWai, Svien, Jo-ann, ChenChen, Munwah, Florence, Kyth, Jacq, Eu Wei, MeiYen
Foods--> 7up & Pandan Chicken Wings, Corns & Potatoes, Sausages, Chicken Meatballs, Beef & Bacon, Satay, Fried Rice & Fried meehun
Memorable Experience--> Fire setting was not a problem at all with our experts marianne chung and her assistants Jo and Kyth...The only problem was the rain fall non stop from 4pm till 8pm...That really spoilt our BBQ but at the end of the day, its still a great one! This is what we call "Real BBQ"...Haha...The residents must be very curious to see us holding umbrellas for a continuous 4 hours! haha...We must be looking very silly to them but who cares, we love BBQ under the rain and sing ella ella ella...

-Fire Setting...From left, assistant (kyth) center (the master chung) and another assistant (Jo) while the others sit aside and gossip *sigh* *shake head*-

-The red ladies actually work and gossip! Haha...Sausages and balls cucuk-ing moment!-

-Then while we were busy, yapsze keep taking picture of us there la-

-Yes Yes, I know you're proud...Small boobs smart brain I know I know-

-Poser...I need to protect the fire ma-

-I'm the Fire Guardian XD-

-Look at all the wet clothes!-

-Last Call! Last Call! Grab your last food!-

Anyway, special thanks to Marianne Chung and YinWai for bringing Marianne Chung...Eh No la! YapSze brought her not the bf...Haha...Thanks to others who prepared and buy the foods too! You guys rock and this is what we call BBQ!! Till then see ya!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

- Genting (29th October 2009) -

Marianne Chung said I need to blog more, so here I am forced to blog about my Genting trip! Haha...
  • Took 11am bus up to Genting with sis, Cher and Joanne and meet up Adel and boyfriend at Genting...The bus driver looks damn like TAN JACK FONG! Wanted to take a picture with him but erm...Haha...Better not to do such embarrassing act..
  • Buffet Lunch @ Coffee Terrance...The buffet comes together with the bus ticket
  • Check in Theme Park Hotel at 2.30pm...I can still remember my quad room is under Valley Wing Room No:***-*
  • Camwhore inside the room then we went casino where I proudly present my IC to the police...Hello! I am officially an adult...Haha
  • Dinner @ Marrybrown...Canceled our earlier plan to "sing K" because the food they offer was not tempting...Went and played bumper car instead *Adeline's favourite*
  • Yum cha @ Old Town kopitiam where I ordered an Ice Milk Tea and was very very regret
  • Played some card games
  • Then the shitty moment came! I felt very very uneasy for at least half an hour before I finally thrown up...Sigh...I vomited 3 times but managed to survive till the next morning...Check out from Hotel and cycle down
  • Went and see Doctor-Food poisoning + Angin itu doctor cakap...Most likely because of the not so fresh prawn meat and Ice Milk Tea maybe
-Inside the bus...I actually felt "loya" on the way up there but that CCL doesn't believe and thought that I was joking ahaha *swt la*-

-Yeah me and my lovely phone-

-Camwhore while waiting for Adeline-

-Potential Models cat-walking-

-Me and Cher...Their caramel was good...Other than that, it all tasted like antibiotic-

-Leng Lui's-

-CCL failed the picture la! We were suppose to "kuat"! Adeline still very good in this Haha-

-This ugly woman...Yer...Go away Hahaha...-

-Whole day raining in Genting so we couldn't get into the Theme Park-

-Happy Halloween! Leaving my barn buddy farm look so scary with Halloween decorations-

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