Friday, July 31, 2009

- LeeHom & Coca Cola -

-Filming for New Coca Cola Advertisement in *Bukit Tinggi* Malaysia-

Thursday, July 30, 2009

- Weekly Updates -

  • Wake myself up every morning at 7AM to harvest my crops and to steal people's crops! *main purpose was actually to prepare myself to college*
  • Active in Facebook Game such as BARN BUDDY, HAPPY FARM, KUNG FU PET & STARIES...Mission to beat Jo's score on staries and keep growing fruits, vegetables and flowers!
  • Watching "Burning Flame 3" & "A Bride For Ride" every night...This is what you call *bou kek in cantonese*
  • 3 Visiting Lecturer aka Mr.H1N1 are flying over next week from Melbourne...If you're lucky, Metro might close down for a week *self declare holiday*
  • Is very glad that she didn't choose E&F as her major despite not liking accountancy major that much
  • Get Well Soon- Marianne, Szu Kee, Jo-Ann, MeiYen, Svien, Florence, Sri Devi etc etc and the list goes on...Ok, it is not safe to attend classes anymore...

- MeiYen's 21st @ Sushi Zanmai -

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

- Jo's 21st @ Full House -

Date>> 10th July 2009 (Friday)
Occasion>> Jo's 21st Birthday Celebration + Outings with Brandon & Jin
Venue>> Full House @ Kota Damansara
Babi's>> Ms.Poo, Ms.Tan, Ms.Chung, Ms.Yap, Mr.Chia, Mr.Pang & Mrs.Pang
Remarks>> Had a QA class replacement early 8am...So much suffering looking at Saramma's face early in the morning, you know that! I'm glad I had fun having lunch with them while gossiping about "the rest"...Hahahaha...Did you sneeze?! If so, we did gossip about you...*Peace*
The cafe ambiance was great except for the aircon...Its not cooling at all...Food was ok but I just dislike the soup! So I didn't upload the picture of the soup! Haha...

-Ms.Yap's Nasi Lemak where Brandon vowed he will bring us all for Papa Rich's nasi lemak-

-My pasta set lunch that comes with a soup, ice lemon tea and apricot cake-

-Ms.Poo's some fish fish-

-Mr.Chia's Seafood Pasta-

-We reached there around 11.30am and they told us that they open at 12! I was like......Ok, so we met up the other 2 at this Holy Cafe...Can you the dead fish in the picture? 8am class la...-

-Fatt hou-

-Ms.Yap said I could advertise for Campbell's Mushroom soup! Weeeee....-

-Ms.Tan silently opening her bday present from us!-

-Credits to that Ms.Chung looooooo-

-Sorry I just wanna feed my curiosity and I discovered Minnie's biggest secretttt!!! Ahhh....-

-I'm curious but these 2 are hamsters! Haha-

I had a bad flue (What are you thinking?! I know its one of the symptom) and wanted to take a hot shower last night but the moment I step in the bathroom, it was as hot as an oven! Hence, I change my mind and turn off the heater...Then when I was taking bath half way, the water was so damn cold! No...I didn't curse but I sang "You're not alone.........You're always in my heart....."
Anyway, I bought the latest July copy of Galaxie because they make Mj the cover! Haha......

Saturday, July 4, 2009

- Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid -

Its been weeks that I've not updated my blog because I was too obsessed about Michael Jackson!! I've been loading videos on youtube daily since the past 7days ever since he pass away on last Friday...All I know is I am gonna load "You're Not Alone, Man in The Mirror, Heal The World, Smooth Criminal, Living With MJ, Oprah With MJ etc etc etc etc"...However, I wouldn't be that crazy anymore because class will be officially starting on next Monday! However, RIP Michael Jackson!
Anyway, outing with the "lesbo" according to Sexy on last last Friday in Gasoline again! Marianne just love the place so she decide loooooo...

-She claims that she is the only straight girl of the day...Yucks...Haha-

-Ahhh...My Jen...-

-Pity YeeMun because she was sexually molested by Marianne Chung unceasingly! Haha-

Ohh..Anyway, Kelly, Yu Jia, YuFoong, Jack, Keith and a bunch of RMIT-ians had fly over to Melbourne...Gonna miss them very very much...
Marianne asked us if we are interested to join Metro Camp this year then I told her "Not fun la, no more chun-ted senior"...Then she answered me "We are the seniors la sexy"...Omg!! Haha...Its damn damn true...Haha...Gotta accept the fact that we are seniors in the college...Abuhhhhhh....