Monday, June 28, 2010

- Germany Vs England -

What a fantastic match between Germany and England last night...No doubt, yesterday match was one of the best in this year world cup so far...Klose first scored for Germany's team then followed by Podolski...Then England scored one and Lampard almost level up the score to 2-2 unfortunately the shot was not accepted by the Uruguay's referee...Good for Germany too...

Then, it was England's turn to keep scoring to level up the score...Lampard tried, Gerard tried, Rooney tried, Terry defend, Joe Cole tried but at the end of the day it was German's Thomas Muller that scored! Muller's last 2 goals bring a deficit of 3 goals between Germany and England...It was all end by that...In conclusion, Germany beat England 4-1 and advance to the last 8...Their next opponent will be Argentina...

Germany Vs Argentina this Saturday (03/07/2010) @ 10pm...A must watch!! I am seriously gonna cry badly this Saturday...2 of my favorite teams gonna fight! Who should I support??? Klose or Messi??? *sigh*

Saturday, June 26, 2010

- South Korea Vs Uruguay -

South Korea, the 1st country to be knocked out from the last 16 round...However, nice game displayed by them despite a 1-2 defeat to Uruguay...Luck really not on their side as so many chances slipped away in the 2nd half of the game...Kudos South Korea!

Complaints!! Complaints!! That stupid Tv1 ain't gonna broadcast Germany Vs England match tonight!! Gonna boikot Tv1!!!!!

-Park Ji Sung challenged by so many defenders?? Haha-

-Korea's goal scorer Lee Chung Yong-

-Uruguay's Hero!-

-Cha Du-Ri was so upset...Substitute's An Jung Hwan consoled him-

I still very emo and upset for tonight match...I wanted to watch Germany so badly...My klose will be back in action tonight against England...I have double check that Tv1 gonna broadcast this match but delayed match at 12am! What's the difference showing at 10pm and 12am???
Anyway, all the best to my 2 favorite teams tonight, Germany and Argentina!! Woohooo!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

- Argentina Vs Greece -

Missed out this match last night because it was aired late at 2.30am...Anyway, Argentina beat Greece 2-0 and emerge as the champion in Group B thus advance to the last 16...South Korea also joined Argentina when their match with Nigeria ended up 2-2 draw...Congrats to both Argentina and South Korea! Praying hard that Portugal, Germany & Spain will also join these 2 teams...

-Messi was the captain for Arg last night-

-Woohoooo!! Suai!!-

-Messi in action! He was voted as "The Man of the Match" despite not scoring any goals-

-Maradona's reaction when his boys scores!-

Pray hard that Germany can beat Ghana later at 2.30am otherwise Germany team will create history for not qualifying to the last 16 for the first time...No Klose's action for later match anyway...Thanks to the stupid Spain's referee for sending him off earlier...

Monday, June 21, 2010

- Portugal Vs North Korea -

What an astounding score of 7 goals! The weather for the 1st half was really bad...Its raining cats and dogs...The field looked slippery...Seriously, I was worrying that the players will fall sick after the match...

Anyway! Portugal beat North Korea 7-0 and this is what I wanna see more in world cup! 1-1 or goal-less match is really boring to watch...No excitement! I do pity North Korea but they cant expect much to beat the 3rd ranking Portugal where they were only 105...Keep it up Koreans!

-Nice hair C.Ronaldo...Wash your hair with Head & Shoulder?? Haha-

-Poor North Korea...A dejected goalkeeper...I really understand his feeling...7 goals slipped out from his guard...-

-Last but not least, C.Ronald scored the 6th goal and he was voted the "Man of the Match"-

Argentina Vs Greece tomorrow...Its time to see Messi scores! Woohoooo....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

- Japan Vs Netherlands -

Just finish watching this match at Old town...Thanks to Tv1 again for no live coverage...They choose to air Australia Vs Ghana instead...*shakes head*
Reviews of this match:
  1. The only one goal in this match from Netherlands was really unexpected and Japan's goalkeeper couldn't save the ball on time
  2. Japan tried hard on the 2nd half but luck was really not on their side
  3. Its very obvious Japan holds a very low ball possession too...Netherlands players could easily snatch the ball from the Japanese...The Japanese should figure out a way on this weak point in order to advance to the last 16

-OuCh!! Haha-

-Netherlands goal scorer (Wesley Sneijder)-

-Honda failed to save the day for Japan-

Signing out now for Australia Vs Ghana...Bye Bye!

Friday, June 18, 2010

- Germany Vs Serbia -

What a heartache and sour match between Germany and Serbia...Germany failed to maintain their glory like how they beat Australia 4-0 earlier...
How Germany letdown their fans & reviews of this match:
  1. A total of 8 yellow cards and a red card in this match
  2. The Spain Referee sent out my Klose with a red card...I was freaking sad! Because its not even half time and Klose was awarded with 2 yellow cards! This is ridiculous! The worst part is Klose gonna miss out the next match against Ghana
  3. Luck was really not on Germany's side when Podolski missed out a penalty...A penalty save by Serbia's goalkeeper awarded him the "Man of the Match"
  4. At last with only 10 men fighting, Germany lost o-1 to the underdog Serbia

-This Spain referee really enjoys flashing yellow and red cards to players but why my Klose??!!-

-How Lukas Podolski missed the penalty shoot-

Germany will have to beat Ghana the next in order to advance to the last 16...All the best Germany! Last but not least, still no live show on Tv1...Not even tomorrow *saturday*...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

- Argentina Vs Korea -

The main definition for (Arg Vs Korea) match is equivalent to "a must watch"! But, its really pathetic knowing that our beloved Tv1 is not gonna broadcast this match...What is wrong with them seriously? They showed Honduras Vs Chile yesterday but not Arg Vs Korea today?! Sigh...

So, anyway! Out of no reason that I surfed Astro website and then I saw this "WATCH WORLD CUP ALL LIVE FOR FREE"...Wow! I was like Really???!!! So basically they get me to sign up and register for an account and no worries, no any subscription fees required and I really get to watch it live!

But then, of course do not put a too high expectation on it as its foc...Its a Youtube video quality with a slightly bigger resolution and it needs buffering once a while...I seriously don't mind the buffering as long as I get to watch it live! Shame on you Tv1! You were actually airing some politic forum, local news bla bla bla....Shame on you again Tv1! You showed some repeat and delayed matches at 2am! *shakes head repeatedly*

-Arg's Hero Higuain...Sobs...No one will ever remember who passed him the ball if its not my Messi! Wahaha...-

-How dare of you touching my Messi-

-Korea defenders really "like" him-

Germany Vs Serbia tomorrow 7.30pm...As expected, no live show from Tv1 again...Gotta log in Astro account to watch again I guess...Or, maybe Mcd...

Monday, June 14, 2010

- Deman Bola Bola 2010 @ Selatan Afrika -

Hey you! I've been MIA for weeks but that doesn't matter because I'm back! Working life still the same except that its "World Cup Fever"!! Yeah...I enjoyed watching 11 guys running around the big field chasing for a "bola"...Its enjoyable watching all the handsome, suai ge, kacak and have fun at the same time whenever they shoot in the ball into the goalkeeper house...Goalll!!

My favourite team for this season will be Germany (Klose) & Argentina (Messi)...My temporary regrets will be I don't have astro so I can only depends solely on Tv1 *cilaka*...They like, then they broadcast otherwise we *poor people who couldn't afford for astro* will gotta drive to the nearest mamak or Mcd for live show...Another sad thing will be most of the "game to watch" matches are midnight show *2.30am*! FML...

Oh...Anyway, a few food pictures to live up your day...I'm sorry if it makes you hungry...*blek*

Will try to capture more pictures of delicious food whenever I can...
*signing out for Japan Vs Cameroon match*