Sunday, August 31, 2008

-Just Dessert @ The Curve-

Its Merdeka!! WooHooo...Why la I so excited about Malaysia Independence Day?? Because 31 August and Sept 1st will be a holiday...That's it?? No other special feelings towards your Country 51 year Independence?? Sorry nothing to proud of...Muahaha...
Anyway wanted to shop around at 1U but it was such a long queue to squeeze in the parking area hence assuming there will be no parking available for my small car! Changed my mind to The Curve...After all I just need a shopping mall to satisfy my stomach...Decided to try on this "Just Dessert" because mum craving for Mango Lou...

-Allocated beside PHOP...Big TV Screen showing Moonlight Resonance episode 23...I realise AOD kept repeating that episode...Omg...-

-Salted Fish Pork Belly Rice-

-Char Siew Chicken Dry Curry Mee-

-Hainaneses Chicken Chop-

-Sweet Mango Lou-

Its the end of 1 week Mid sem break...Back to College tomorrow...What have I did through out the week?? Not really happening hence not going to mention it...
Anyway, Cousin brother Donny brought us to Putra Heights to visit his new house today...I kinda of love the latest design of his house...So from now onwards I determine to study hard! Work hard! Earn Money! Buy House! Marry! Give Birth........................tu tu tu tu
Last but not least...Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all my malay friends...I'll be craving for Buka Puasa food for this whole month! hahahaha.....

Friday, August 29, 2008

-Italiannies @ Sunway Pyramid-

-Look at my messy long hair! I can actually tied up my hair by now...I am annoy with my long fringe-
  1. I shall trim my hair asap before mid sem break ends
  2. I shall leave my current length and perm my hair for 2nd time
  3. I shall leave my current hair alone...Keep long hair perhaps?

Not much comment on Italiannies...Pictures show all...
Ohh...Anyway...Happy 20th Birthday to Baby Cher...August Babies ROCksss!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

-Homecook Spaghetti-

Mum's cook spaghetti pop up in my mind on sunday night...But, it will be too late to inform mum to prepare the ingredients because its 2.30am and by the time I wake up the next morning, mum shall be done with lunch...Nothing can be done!
The next morning I wake up...I saw mum cutting some tomatoes! Then I was like...Ah Mi ar...Are you going to cook spaghetti for lunch??!! Yeah!! I share the same thoughts as my mum! She indeed has the intention to cook spaghetti...

-Spaghetti with tomato paste, chicken sausage and chicken fillet...Simple yet delicious! Forgotten to add some cheese powder otherwise it will looks even nicer...-

Please forgive people like me who have a sudden craving for food middle of the night...I realise I'm not the only one who have tat sudden mind! My friend, Ah Hwang had been crying for "potato salad" and "Dumplings" last night at 2am! Ah WoooooOOOooooo.........

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

-Healthy Cow Theory-

Cow picture copyright from Marigold website..."Healthy Cow Theory" through a milk powder advertisement...

Healthy Environment makes Healthy Grass
Healthy Grass makes Healthy Cow

Healthy Cow makes Healthy Milk

Healthy Milk makes Healthy Children

What Healthy Little Orangezz needs then???

Sunday, August 24, 2008

-Amuleto @ Mid Valley-

Its been a hectic week and finally its mid sem break...Decided to go for a walk with my mum and sis...*Window Shopping*...Walked around Boulevard to find the cheapest Restaurant for lunch...But, sigh there is no such things as cheap food there! Unless I go bakery for a bun but even bread is expensive nowadays! I don't know what happen to Oasis food court...Perhaps under renovation...
Finally make up our mind to try on this Amuleto because I am craving for Rosti...Guess what! Black out just right after we ordered our food...I am glad the Chef managed to serve us the dishes...Cooking under torchlights?! hahaha...The waiter told us 50% power failure in MV that cover the whole North Court with more than 30minutes...Could never imagine if a Cinema is down to power failure...

-It was still bright when this Menu picture was taken but not after we ordered food...Hence, below pictures of food might be a bit dark...-

-Beef Bacon Rosti-

-Mushroom Rosti-

-Chicken Cordon Bleu-

The phrase of "There is no such thing as free lunch" is damn damn true! At this moment...How I wish I am a millionaire................Falling cash from the sky.....RM1000,000...............

Thursday, August 21, 2008

-Charmaine Latest Updates-

Look at the pretty Charmaine Sheh!! These pictures were taken for the HKJure advertisement...Anyway Charmaine will be back in shooting for her latest drama series "Business Doctor" soon with Co-Starring Dayo Wong after a long break few months ago...It will be Charmaine 1st comedy series with Dayo...Looking forward into it...
Ah Sheh latest drama series "Turbulence of East and West" will be aired soon in late Sept...I can't wait for it!! Still missing her character in Forensic Heroes 2...She was fantastic...

I self declared that I'm now on a 1 week mid sem break!! *clap hands*
Why so happy?? 3 assignments pile up as tall as Mount Kinabalu...I would say its not an easy task at all for this semester...2 mid sem tests awaiting me after the break ends...1 Presentation and Report needed to be submit on Sept 2...Ohh I'm happy I get an additional day off...Thanks to Merdeka Celebration which falls on a sunday! Muahaha...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I seriously hate Matt Ong la!!! Hahaha...That Fisherman went to Taiwan for Curtin study tour donkey weeks ago...Just when I am hungry in the middle of night, I'm forced to read his latest blog post...The food pictures are so tempting...Sigh...I think I am in love with Taiwan...

-The Bacon Fried Rice...Sigh...Can you find Bacon Fried Rice for me in Malaysia?? -

-Gasoline Mango Milk Shake-

-Gasoline Black Pepper Beef Steak-

-Introducing Domino's New York Crust Brooklyn Beef flavour-

I'll not be as active as ever in uploading food post...I lost interest in foods again?? Sigh...Of course no! Due to some reasons, I'll need to learn how to be a stingy orange...I shall eat Mamak food everyday...No more high class Restaurant for me...Oh come one...Please just kill me...*sigh*

Monday, August 18, 2008

-So Near Yet So Far-

The Olympic Gold Medal match between Lin Dan *1st seed* and Lee Chong Wei *2nd seed* last night was a major let down...I was actually expecting a tougher match between both players...Undeniable, Lin Dan the giant killer gave his best shot last night...He was extremely aggressive and much more consistent player than Lcw...There were too many unforced error and bad judgment from Lcw...Its so obvious he was under pressure and nervous! Oh Come on...Its such an easy match for Lin Dan...

-Anyway we Malaysian are proud of your achievement in Beijing Olympic...Who say you can't play?? You're the only one that brought us back a silver medal...At least Malaysia will not be empty handed back this year...Congrats on your success and you're great in Semi-Final match! You deserve the RM300000... -

-Ok...I seriously dislike Lin Dan always being the winner!! China is done of dominating badminton world! China won 3 out of the 5 titles (Men's Single, Women's Single and Women's Double)...Anyway kudos to Super Dan last night as he was really a giant killer! Give no chance to Lcw at all!! *sigh* -

-The 2nd last match of the night was the Gold Medal match for Mixed Double category...Lee Yong Dae and Lee Hyo-Jung defeated Indonesian pair to win the gold medal for Korea...*Sexy!! Lee Hyo-Jung is taller than Yong Dae!! hahaha...Anyway, Korea mixed double coach is much more handsome than Lee Yong Dae la!! Omg...hehe...-

-I dedicate this sexy picture of Lee Yong Dae to Sexy...Hehe...Enjoy!-

China is currently leading with 37 Golds follow by USA with only 19 Golds so far while Great Britain is following from behind with 12 Golds...Michael Phelps from USA is the big big winner splashing to his way for 8 Gold medals! He is extremely crazy! hahaha...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

-Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid-

Babi Ruey suggested for a meet up in "Onion" Sunway Pyramid...For your info the definition of Onion was given by her...HaHAha...We went Gasoline for a drink...Its been ages I didn't meet this "budak gila" since Yuen Steamboat so we get to catch up with each other lately gossip news...Haha...

-Babi Oren & Babi Ruey-

-Babi Ruey's college mate Eng Kent aka "kiwi"...Shy boy la but he reveal Ruey's embarrassed moment...Haha! I like him! ahaha...-

-The Tarc College Logistic students-

-Yong sui la she! Insist to stand to take picture...I know she is tall la... "___" -

-Eng Kent the shy boy with me outside Gasoline...He is so kind wei...He paid for the whole bill...Haha...Thanks for the treat Eng Kent...-

-See! Ruey almost taller than him...Hahaha...Pity him...-

I went home around 5pm...Didn't join them for movie because I watched Dark Knight...I am very in into Movie unlike her...Ahaha...But she watched "Meet Dave" already...
Reach home sleep...I am now here to blog and research for assignment...Its been a hard day yesterday and I am glad I run through it...Thanks for all the concern and understanding kawan-kawan! Love you all!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

-Olympic Day 6 Badminton Games Review-

The only events that I managed to catch up in this Olympic so far was only Badminton! Sigh too busy with Visiting lecture and upcoming assignment...

Anyway there is some review of Malaysia Badminton player performance in Beijing up to day 6--->>>

Wong Pei Tty & Chin Eei Hui (Women's Double)
- They failed to march into quarter final round when they lost to Korean top pair...But, there was no high expectation on them...

Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah (Men's Double)
- Seeded 4th in their final appearance in this Olympic but they failed to live up to expectation when they were beaten by Indonesian top seeded pair...However they gave a good fight!

Wong Choong Hann (Men's Single)
- WCH gave a great fight against Taufik Hidayat and destroyed his dream of defending his Gold medal...However, he was eliminated in round 16 where he lost to Taipei player...It was quite disappointing that he is beaten by this young Taipei player...This will be his last Olympic...

Wong Mew Choo (Women's Single)
- Mew Choo is unlucky where she was draw to play with China's Lu Lan for a place in Semi Final...She has 9 game point and yet she lost 27-29 to Lu Lan in 2nd game thus losing the chance to create history...But, she is the 1st Malaysian women single player who advance into quarter final in Olympic history...Kudos Mew Choo...*Anyway its all China Final for Women Single again...Getting so bored with China Domination*

Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong (Men's Double)
- They finally get their revenge against Japanese pair showing a great fight! However, it was such a major let down again when they lost to Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan (the same pair who beaten Ctf/Lww earlier) where they have an unbeatable record against them...Rexy once said: Kkk & Tbh are not the best yet unless they win the Olympic Gold Medal...It seems like its the end of everything for our Men's double...

Lee Chong Wei (Men's Single)
- Malaysia last hope in winning a medal in 2008 Olympic...Lcw has been consistent in beating Sony Dwi Kuncoro and book a place in the Semi Final...He will be up against Korea's Lee Hyu Nil tomorrow for a place to Final...Hoping that he will be able to keep up to his momentum and advance to the Final round where he will be secure of either silver or gold medal...The other Semi Final match will be between Lin Dan & Chen Jin...

China is currently leading with 22 Golds follow by USA with 10 Golds...Looks like China is really determine to be the overall champion and I have a feeling that YES they can do it!

But sorry la...I don't hope they dominate all the gold medals in Badminton...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

-Lost Address & Wanted People-

People!! Please take notice of the 4 addresses is on a search for these wanted people...Listen! They are wanted people!! If you have ever come across with any of these addresses please contact me...This is URGENT and no jokes...

38, Kampung Suka Jimat,

Taman Jimat Cermat,

96700 Kiam Siap, Malaysia

174, Jalan Sangat Kotor,

Taman Si Gemuk,

96700 Kor Tor, Malaysia

3, Jalan Kecalaran,

Taman Orang Sampah,

17500 See Boh Doh , Malaysia

5858 Jalan Boros,
Taman Orang Sampah,
55444 Lombong Tahi Sabah

....Thank You....

Monday, August 11, 2008

-Your Favourite Ms.Orange-

Hmm...I may look silly by blogging about this...But erm...I promise S.vien that I'll update this blog...Hahaha...Hence...Just no bad comment on this ok! hahaha...
Anyway cast your vote based on the quality of the orange that each of them holding and not by their look! hahaha...

-Ms.Chung Wai Yee-

-Ms.Lam Yeen Peng-

-Ms. Leong May Yenn-

-Ms. Yap Sze Vien-

Voting Lines will be close on next monday...Cast your votes now...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

-Fish & Seafood & Dessert-

I'm back with food pictures!! I'm currently in love with Fish & Chips !! Hence, I went to Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co...I'll be craving for Penang delicacies next...Stay Tune...

-Manhattan Fish & Chips ---> RM15.90 -

-Manhattan daily catch Grill Fish with chips ---> RM18.90 -

-Fish & Co tender and juicy Fried Calamari ---> RM10.90 -

-Fish & Co New York Fish & Chips with cheese stuffing ---> RM10.90...They charge RM9.90 for their huge Fish & Chips which I feel quite worth the price...-

-KTZ Mango Lo-

-KTZ Honey Dew Lo-

I must seriously cut down on fried foods ( fried keropok lekor, fried chicken, potato snacks) otherwise I'll be spending a lot to buy acne cream for my pimples!! *sigh*
I must also cut down on rice consumption...Sigh...I'm a chinese who need rice so much for lunch and dinner! No more Mix rice, Curry rice and Fried Rice!! Eat more noodles, porridge or bread! I need a healthy and balance diet...I don't want to be called "SI GEMUK"...HAhaha...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

-Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony-

Beijing held their very 1st Olympic on 08/08/2008 where the opening ceremony was held at Bird Nest National Stadium...It was grandly watched by million of viewers all over the world...

Among the highlights of the night that directed by famous Chinese Director Zhang Yi Mou---->

  • Dancing performances
  • Ancient Drum performances
  • An artist from a space suit performance
  • Fantastic fireworks explosion over Bird Nest
  • Illuminated Globe performance
  • Martial Arts performance
  • Musician performance
  • Lighted Dancers performance
  • 204 countries march out to the stadium
  • Final Huge Torch Light up

-Fireworks light the sky over the National Aquatics Stadium & Bird Nest National Stadium...Seriously the Aquatics stadium is so beautiful...I'm impress...-

-Bird Nest Water Cube the name given to it...Diving, swimming events will be held in this stadium...-

Its clearly seen that Malaysian are sport lovers too...The enjoyed shopping while watching Olympic games that been show live on the TV Plasma all around 1u's New Wing today...Everyone gather in a crowd to watch the Men Gymnastic events...
Anyway, China is currently leading with 2 gold medals...US will catch up very soon...Good Luck...

Friday, August 8, 2008

-What Do You Think-

Read an email...It was so touching...A story to appreciate your friends...The picture below is for all my friends out there! You will never know what will happen tomorrow...In all of sudden......Confession comes to my mind...Tell your love ones that you love them more than you can show before its too late...No point crying over split milk by then...

  1. What do you think I'll be when I grow up ----> __________
  2. Do you think I'll get married?? ----> _________
  3. If you do...Who do you think I'll marry?? ----> ________ *As in profession*
  4. Do I remind you of any cartoon character?? ----> ___________
  5. If you're given a chance to rename me...What will that be?? ----> ______

-Little Orange-

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

-Auditing Visiting Lecturer-

Muhammad Azizul Islam is the name of our Auditing vl...We've been wondering what's his possible race...Will he be a Malay?? OR an Australian that been converted into Islam OR even an Indian Muslim?? Stay tune for the picture below and you will know what's his race...
He is currently 32 years old and married with a lovely wife where he brought her along to Malaysia...* At least he is not as shy as Tranh Truong *...I skipped his 2nd day of vl because its freaking boring la! I mean that subject...Hahaha...Anyway, he will be flying back on this sunday...

-Jeng Jeng Jeng!! He is a Bangladeshi...Still consider good looking right? Haha..From left (Szu Kee, Jo-ann, S.neo, Oren, Yu Jia, Dr.Azizul *future PhD holder*, Angelia, Jen Li and Florence)...Ohh...Not to forget our Auditing lonely soul (Yu Foong) being the camera man...-

-Ok! I am being very naughty today...I 1st miss call Yf...His heart almost drop out! Perhaps he seldom receive phone call...haha..Jk! I then miss call Yu Jia...She forgotten to put silent mode...Her heart drops out again...Next victim--> Jen Li...She is being cool not paranoid about her phone ringing...Szu Kee was the next but she knows I am fooling around...Hahaha...*Sorry la I am boring la*...I actually wanted to Miss call Sexy too! But I worried her Rod Crane lecturer will stare at her! muahaha...-

The next Visiting Lecture will be Taxation on next week...David Jones nama dia * Adik kepada Indiana Jones*...Hoping that he is not a boring person OR can at least joke around...He might be a very very good looking person from his name so we shall see..............