Monday, April 25, 2011

April Happening 6 - Star Awards Show 2

The biggest upset of the night goes to Jeneatte Aw...I am so sorry Ms.Aw but 2011 is Rui En's year! Yesshhh!! The Best Actress award goes to Rui En for her role as Ye Shi Qi in With You...First nomination and first best actress award...Being your fan, I'm proud of you! Well deserving!
Additional bonus for Rui En bagging another award ---> Top 10 Female Artist Award...But, major letdown for Dai Yang Tian for not even in the Top 10 list...

Its was pretty obvious that Rui En was shock of her win...
Jeneatte, Joanne, Li Ping Jie & Elvin
Rui En congratulated by Joanne Peh
SG Star Award 2011 Best Actor & Best Actress
Mediacorp's 4 new hunks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Happening 5 - Stadt @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Monday lunch @ Stadt German Bistro (Bandar Puteri Puchong)...Since Joyce had been craving for the pork knuckle for quite some time, we decided to go there for Claris's birthday celebration...
We all ended up ordering the RM14.90 set lunch anyway...Haha...The Pork Knuckle is way too expensive...

Woohoo! Babi-ness
RM14.90 set lunch comes with garden salad, potato soup, main course & Ice Lemon Tea

Woots! Small portion? Oh well, what can you expect? Its only RM14.90...Acceptable..

Happy Be-Early Birthday Sze Sze...
I like this picture so much! 2-0-08  

Anyway, I've officially left EK for good on Monday! Haha...I managed to stay tough! No tears from me despite it was quite saddening...Got few days break before starting up my new job at.................*shall remain secret at the meantime* Haha...Will be cleaning up my room, run errands and shopping for the next few days...
Achoooo!!! Flu at a wrong timing! Just when I wanna relax at home..*sigh*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Happening 4 - Restaurant Murni @ Sunway Mentari

Burp....Saturday dinner @ Sunway Mentari Murni...Just discovered this place 1 week ago and get to know that its a branch of famous SS2's Murni...They now got other few branches at Aman Suria, Taipan & Kepong too...Coincidentally, I bump into Kyth and his family there too...Well, he tailgate me?? Hahaha...Just kidding...

Cheese & Chicken Bacon Naan
Mee Raja...This was nicer than the one I had in SS2...
Roti Cheese
Roti Hawaii
Next visit--->> Nasi Goreng, Ayam Pandan Nasi Lemak, Maggie Goreng Special and etc..........

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Happening 3 - Bye Bye EK @ TGIF IOI Mall

My soon to be ex's colleagues celebrated Kenny, Heidi & my farewell at TGIF on Thursday night...Farewell??? Yupp, right guess I've already tender my letter of resignation 1 month ago and the coming Monday will be my last working day...Say goodbye to the 1st company that I joined after graduation Emperor's Kitchen...Its been a year plus (1 year & 2 months) and I am so so gonna miss all my colleagues...There is also a few things that I am gonna miss but well life has to go on...Yesterday I went Putra Heights for my favourite "chu yuk fan" it however ended up tasteless...Sadness I guess??

The fish eye effect group picture

Joyce, my superior...Thank You for everything...Thank You for making it for my dinner farewell too...haha

Hmm..I really hope Monday, I will stay tough! No tears from me! Haha...

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Happening 2 - Cartoon Freak!

Woots! I spotted a car in Mid Valley yesterday...I guess she/he must be a cartoon freak! Look at what he/she did to the car? Haha...It was very special & awesome actually but not realistic? Anyway, I submitted this picture to "TheStar" hoping that they will at least publish this picture with my name? Haha...Best if I could also win the RM50 cash...*ngek ngek*

Wish me Luck!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Happening 1 - Sona by Secret Garden

Hye folks! Looks like I making it a habit to blog once in a month...Gosh, ok sorry I will make sure I blog more often in coming weeks...Anyway, just wanna share a fantastic song...Sona by Secret Garden...Just in case you're wondering who is Secret Garden, you may wikipedia it...Fyi, they composed the music for the song "You Raise Me Up"...

My advise is you download this song, plug in your earphone and listen to it due to the poor quality of the video...I don't know how to describe it but its just amazing despite I don't understand the meaning of the lyrics...Allow the song to flow in your mind...Enjoy!