Friday, December 26, 2008

-2008 Christmas Party-

This year, I celebrated Christmas with my Shogun colleague...We had a buffet supper at 10.45pm...*Got no choice ok! We closed at 10.30pm* We also celebrated 3 events in advance...*Bday Party, Farewell Party & Shogun Sunway 1st Anniversary Party*...
31st December will be the day I wave goodbye to a bunch of great friends in Shogun...It was a blasting working experience in the past 1 & a half month here despite tiring shoulder and body...Haha...Its never easy to earn a penny ok!! I learn some Myanmar language and gain a lot of experience...The most important is the friendship built btw me and them...I will miss them! I will be back to visit them as customer perhaps...Muahaha...However, its time where I'm looking forward for college new semester commence...

-Happy Birthday December Babies A.Chef Mark & Jacob...We shared and got them a belt each...-

-Hohohohoho....Merry Christmas!! It was our Head Chef Loke aka Shogun Santa-

-The 2 Bday babies...Ahemm...I mean uncles! Uncle Jacob & Uncle MArk-

-Faeza & Me...The only Malay waitress in Shogun...-

-Lesley & Me-

-Yong *The bad temper one but fall in love with me and changed his attitude* Hahaha...-

-Rocky *The one who called me Seafood aka Sifu*-

-Theresa *My little darling*-

-Jason * My rumour Bf in SHogun* hahaha...-

-Jacob *The one that I never fails to fight with everyday! Me & him anjing dan kucing* -

-The bunch of Service Staff having fun and get high after having many many cups of Sake and Soju...-

-Jackson *The tallest guy in SHogun*-

-Vicharn *I present you The most hardworking staff!*-

-Rocky, Me, Wax & Jason...Erm, they were all drunk I guess but I'm still alert no worries...hehe...-

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

-BBQ Party @ Mahkota Kelana-

Sexy planned a BBQ party last Tuesday (2nd Dec 2008) at her Sis's mansion Mahkota Kelana condominium...We also celebrated Jin & Keith Bday on the same day but it was all belated bday celebration...Sorry Guys!! hahaha...It was also the 1st combo gathering of RMIT + Curtin babi's...
Sexy fully incharged in this gathering...She prepared the food, marinated the food and ohh well she even BBQ the food for us!! Hahaha...So basically, we just sat there and waited for the food to be served and that's what we called BBQ! Haha...Thanks a lot sexy!! The foods and the night were great! Not to forgotten her bunch of great friends who been working hard to BBQ us the food too...Hahaha... *Tak malu*

-3 Babies and Jacq cut her hair!-

-Me, Jack, Sexy and Charis...Jack with his ugly Citibank formal wear and his old ugly pose...Haha...-

-Svien, Munwah and Me...These 2 babi's chat non stop on the way there...I nearly dump them at the highway...They always failed to reach an agreement on something...haha...-

-The foods of the night! Fully prepared by Sexy...(7Up Chicken Wing, Sausages, Lamb, Burger patty, Sotong Balls, Potatoes, Spaghetti, Fried Rice and Cendols) -

-Owww...Such a sweet picture...Sorry not because of Jack of course! Hehe...It was Brandon who stole the limelight of the picture...You know why?! -

-Jacq, Jin, Denise and Seeta were late! So we punished them to take picture with us...But where was Seeta?! -

-The girls of the night without Charis...She left us at 9.30pm for a date sob sob...No la jk! haha-

-The guys of the night! Introducing Zenius Wong, Yf, MPSJ, Seeta Singh, Keith & Tuna Chia-

-We fed a lot of mosquitoes...So, the guys decided to walked over to the pool...But, all girls refuse to go inside the pool because Jack put his smelly legs inside! -

-Happy very very belated 20th Birthday Jin! (Take 1 Seeta at the background)-

- (Take 2 Jack and Seeta at the background again!) Kacau la you 2-

-We also celebrated Keith birthday with the same brownies! haha...Please make full use of the brownies and recycle it for everyone's birthday...hahaha...-

-Lelong lelong...Who wants the brownies?! Shouted sexy...Of course our MPSJ took the biggest portion after asking the bday girl's permission...-

-Group pic take 1...The wind was blowing towards us as you can see! Nice hair everyone...Heavy rain after we left there...-

-Group picture take 2...You can see things worsen! You can see Sexy doing something silly, Jacq shocked face expression, eye closed brandon, messy hair the girls and CAN YOU FIND ARTHUR?!!!...HAHA-

Monday, December 1, 2008

-Shogun (30th Nov 2008) -

Its been the 3rd full week that I've worked in Shogun!! Congratulations!! You managed to worked through these 3 weeks!! Hahaha...I shall be getting my very very 1st salary in days time...Anyway, Wendy say goodbye to us on sunday for her last day in Shogun...She will be going back to China for her summer holiday...I will be missing her so so badly...She helped and guided me alot...
Not to forget to mention something that piss me off on this week...A customer piss me off because she simply answer me a "WHATEVER"...Erm...Sorry la!! I really anti and hate "whatever la" this word...It just simply annoy me?!

-Me & Wendy-

-Wendy, Me & Faeza (take 1)-

-Wendy, Me & Faeza (take 2)-