Monday, December 1, 2008

-Shogun (30th Nov 2008) -

Its been the 3rd full week that I've worked in Shogun!! Congratulations!! You managed to worked through these 3 weeks!! Hahaha...I shall be getting my very very 1st salary in days time...Anyway, Wendy say goodbye to us on sunday for her last day in Shogun...She will be going back to China for her summer holiday...I will be missing her so so badly...She helped and guided me alot...
Not to forget to mention something that piss me off on this week...A customer piss me off because she simply answer me a "WHATEVER"...Erm...Sorry la!! I really anti and hate "whatever la" this word...It just simply annoy me?!

-Me & Wendy-

-Wendy, Me & Faeza (take 1)-

-Wendy, Me & Faeza (take 2)-

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