Monday, October 18, 2010

October Happening 4 - Din Tai Fung @ The Gardens

 Din Tai Fung @ Mid Valley on Sunday...Din Tai Fung origin from Taiwan is something like Dragon-I concept...I must say that their waitress were super polite & the good services that they offered us deserved my compliments...Look at Pizza Hut's service, *shakes head*..Ordered 2 Fried Rice & Fried Dim Sum *Calories!! I know I know but who cares wei!! Keep fit or exercise later...Haha...* Just a simple Pork & Shrimp fried rice with egg and it tasted so good...Just nice...Then, Mango Roll dim sum was good too...Gonna try their steam dim sum next... 

The mango & shrimp filling inside...Yummy!

Today was a hectic day *Account closing day*...Tomorrow will be better I guess? Singing out now to watch "Unriddle" drama...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Happening 3 - New Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid

Fu yoh!! One word to describe this car!! Chun-ted!! It might appear to be bulky to some people but I really adore this car!! Starting at the price of $20760 (Approximately RM64K)...Available in white, black, red and silver...Anyway, I don't think so this car is currently available in Malaysia and the estimated price would be slightly higher than the estimated one...

More Information --->

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Happening 2 - Commonwealth Games 2010

2010 Commonwealth Games came to an end today with the closing ceremony at New Delhi...Malaysia with the overhaul medal of 12 Golds, 10 Silvers & 13 Bronze stands at no 7...Well, Congratulations to all the medalists and I guess XIX edition of commonwealth games will be something that we can proud of? As our government had only targeted 10 gold medals...*blek*

The Golden Boys & Girls
  1. Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim (Weightlighting)
  2. Arrico Jumith (Weightlighting)
  3. Josiah Ng (Cycling)
  4. Lee Chong Wei (Badminton)
  5. Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong (Badminton)
  6. Nicol David (Squash)
  7. Pandela Rinong (Diving)
  8. Bibiana Ng (Shooting)
  9. Elaine Koon (Gymnastic)
  10. Mixed Team Event (Badminton)
  11. Koo Kien Keat/Chin Ee Hui (Badminton)
  12. Nur Suryani/Nur Ayuni (Shooting)
Pandela Rinong & Leong Mun Yee (Women Diving Silver)

Bryan Nickson Lomas & Yeoh Ken Nee in action!

Nur Suryani & Nur Ayuni with their gold medal

KKK/CEH celebrating after winning their 1st mixed doubles gold medal beating the 1st seed Eng pair

Josiah Ng

 Singapore has shown improvement in their sport as they are only one rank behind of us with 11 golds...Shooting & Table Tennis contributed the most to their medal tally...Congrats to the host country India by beating England squad for the 2nd position...
*Bid Farewell to XIX Commonwealth Games @ Delhi*

Monday, October 11, 2010

October Pathetic - 10/10/2010 Tragedy

10/10/2010 suppose to be a "a day to remember" but it ended up a tragedy for some people...A terrible accident happened in between Negeri Sembilan and Mallaca highway last night...An express bus was speeding too fast and then it lost control crashing on a Myvi & Honda Accord and it caused a massive jam along the highway...12 deaths and the rest injured including a 4 months pregnant woman...

Its really pathetic reading all these sad news...Few days ago, it was also reported that an infant (4 days old Indian Baby Girl) was abducted, bitten and killed by an aggressive monkey...Never thought that such thing can even happened! *sigh*   R.I.P to all the victims...

A totally crashed Honda Accord
The massive jam
This really teach us a lesson...Drive safe and treasure your love one while you can...You wouldn't know what will happen tomorrow...
Anyway, Happy Birthday Gan Bee Bee!!! *10/10/2010*

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Happening 1 - Italliannies

 Didn't realize my family were a big eater till last week when we celebrated yenn's & mummy birthday at Italliannies...We ordered 1 appetizer, 3 course meals that comes with an appetizer & main course and it was only 4 of us! One by one dishes came and the table was full with foods! The portion is way too large...We ended up taking away 2 dishes....Muahahah...Well, we learnt some experience!


 Heading to Ikea now...Bye Bye...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

王力宏(LeeHom) - 美(Beauty)

Not really sure what is the genre of this song...Maybe Hip Hop or R&B...I'm neither a fans of Hip Hop nor R&B but is deeply in love with this song...Kudos LeeHom by composing "Beauty"! Love the MV too and please stop relating LeeHom to Usher, Ne-Yo or whatever...One word to describe him in this MV = Suai!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Happening 3 - Convocation

Finally graduated!!! I mean an official one...Hello! I've been working for the past few months...4-5 hours ceremony that took place at Nikko Hotel on 18th September...I'm glad the IDP people prepared size S as backup...At least that gown looks good on me together with the high heels that I wore that day...Haha...Its a great feeling meeting all my ex college mates! My only disappointment was the absence of Marianne &Kyth...Ain't the perfect one without both of them...Haha...

Mun See! I do enjoy your class despite I hate auditing so much! Haha...Thank you thank you...

Is proud of my flowers (Lily + Pink Rose)...Don't jealous please!

Mummy & Daddy!!

Ohh...Mr.Way Khong...

The certificate that every fresh graduates have been waiting for huh??

Koh Bee Bee! Ok...No more management acctg & Buss Finance memories please...

My family...*Muacks*

Linda Chung was in Malaysia yesterday! She was promoting Bio Essence's new 24 hours Hydrating & Moisturising mask at 1u...Get to catch a glimpse of her as her fans bombarded the event...