Sunday, January 17, 2010

- Marianne's 22nd @ D'Italiane Kitchen (Jaya 33) -

Its once in a year *January 18* again!! This year we celebrated the big lady boss's 22ND BIRTHDAY @ this place call D'Italiane Kitchen at Jaya 33...I'm sorry but I couldn't resist myself but to BOLD her age...haha...We had an exaggerate dinner on January 16th because the birthday girl herself exaggerate a lot when she talks! Haha...Anyway, Happy Birthday Sweetie Sexy Chung and I can't believe it that its our 3rd anniversary friendship?! Ok...Doesn't matter, the fact is you're 22! Be prepare for any wrinkles soon...Hahaha...

-The first impression was good except it was a little bit too cold! Freezing-

-Alvin's drink-

-Jack's Drink...Others including myself ordered sky juice...No choice, we are unemployed-

-Marianne said this was good but Jacq said it was bad because she felt that the clamp was not fresh...-

-My 3 Baked Cheese looks similar to this where it took like 1 hour to serve?! I was damn damn hungry you know...Sigh...Disappointment! But, it was good except its a bit too pricey...-

-Spicy Beef Bacon Carbonara-

-Birthday Girl aka Big Lady Boss + her slave-

-Sydney Souvenir from Jin!-

-Six lovely cupcakes just for HER...The staffs were good, they decorated the plate to make the cupcakes look nicer-

-1st Take...Kacau Kacau with the candle! Can be she be a little bit more mature? 22 YEARS OLD D WEI-

-This is better-

-At the end of the day, Jack licked the plate! Tsk tsk-

-Others.....Bimbo + her slave and Jarli-

-The Girls!!-

I hoped you enjoy yourself sexy and I am glad XS size fit you! haha...Hope you like the Moo Moo card too...Hope it reminds you of Barn Buddy's cow! haha...Muackss!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

- Killed a "siu keung" -

I was watching "watchdog tale" drama half way at 2.15am when I saw this creature crawling into my dustbin! Ok...The very immediate respond was to stand up, pause my drama and to decide what's my next step...
I brave up myself, run down to the store room to get this Ridsect Spray and a slipper...Just when I am all armed up holding these 2 weapons, I paused myself for like another 5 minutes again..Gosh, I wish I'm braver!
Finally! I brave up and start spraying around the dustbin waiting for that little creature to crawl up...I sprayed thrice until this creature finally crawl up slowly on the floor! Ok...That's the moment! PAP!!! BANG!!! BOOM!!!
It has not come to an end yet...I still need to pick it up and throw it to another dustbin...I recall my auntie picking up this dead creature long time ago with her bare hands! Yucks...It took me some nerve to finally sweep this creature into a newspaper, wrap it and then run down to throw it into the rubbish bin! Phew...
Despite killing this creature, I couldn't be able to sleep well too because the ridsect spray smell was still around the room and the atmosphere was totally awful...What a night!
Anyway, I wanted to capture a picture of this dead little creature but my phone was running out of battery...hahaha...So, too bad...*sorry I may sounds insane*

Monday, January 11, 2010

- Chili's @ One Utama -

Hi! I'm back blogging about food! Someone kind spent me lunch at Chili recently...Thanks!
However, after the 3rd visit I realized its nothing to shout about anymore in Chili...Its just another normal western restaurant...I'm craving for Itallian or spanish food!

-Frosty Milkshake...Its so so so damn sweet! I need to add in a lot of ice cubes!-

Sorry! I'm rushing to pick my sis from College...Had been her "no-pay" chauffeur for few weeks already...Sigh...So...GoodBye!

Friday, January 1, 2010

- Metropolitan College *2006-2009* -

  • Miss Stephane Ting
  • Miss Ting Mun See
  • College Mamak Stall...Gonna miss Nasi Goreng Kampung and Maggie Goreng
  • College Janitor's Mail...The one who called me "pendek"
  • Old Resource Center...More privacy
  • The front office lady *receptionist*...She is friendly
  • Miss Fatima
  • BeeBee
  • Helen
  • Ellise
  • Security Guards
  • Library