Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Happening 2 - CNY Day 1

"I Love HK" Movie @ IOI Mall 
I prefer this version than 72 Tenants of Prosperity mainly because of Sandra Ng! She was so hilarious in the plastic wrapping and "No Regrets" scenes! Last year, I watched 3 movies in a day! But, this year I managed to catch one only...Why? No mood I guess...

Dinner @ TGIF
Down with no choice but Tgif...I realized I always ended up eating Chili's, Tgif or Italiannies on CNY Day 1...But, it was good especially the Mac & Cheese! Fantabulous Cheeseeeezzz....

Not many pictures captured during Ipoh trip but I drove there! Wee....Many thanks to Aunt Catherine for her trust and confidence...I drove her Vios there anyway...Dump my little Saga at home...6 days of honeymoon ending soon...Tomorrow, back to work!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February Happening 1 - Reunion Dinner

2011 Reunion Dinner - Steamboat for the first time!

Self wrapped Wan Tan with pork filling
Fresh Prawns! A gift from my supplier...Tq!
Homemade fish balls, chicken fillets, beef balls and beef meats...
Upcoming post ----> CNY Day 1