Saturday, May 30, 2009

- Sweet Memories *2007-2009* -

A glimpse of eye, I'm already in my year 3 semester 1! 30th June shall be my new and final semester of college lifestyle aka honeymoon... I about to join the workforce in 6 months time! Wow, I'm actually very impressed of myself that I've completed the past 4 semesters successfully in RMIT & Curtin, 3 semesters in UFP and had come so far...I had lots of fun with my great college mates...You guys rockZz man! Let us all refresh the sweet memories for the past 3 years *UFP-Curtin-RMIT*...Enjoy!

-Business Communication Assignment-

-Credits to Kelly, Jinli, Jacq, Brandon, Jack & Myself for the cookies ingredients shopping and we spent the whole day in completing the mission!-

-Part of AB7 members @ Metro Booth-

-My 18th Birthday celebration @ Sunway Redbox-

-2006 Christmas @ 1u-

-1st holiday trip with UFP Gang @ Genting-

-Steamboat @ Kelly's rent House-

-Eugene farewell + Jacq's 19th Birthday Celebration @ S.Parade TGIF-

-Jo's 19th Birthday Celebration @ Pizza Hut-

-Steamboat with Curtin Gang @ Yuen Steamboat-

-My 19th Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid Jack's Place-

-2007 BBQ Mooncake Festival @ Eu Wei's House-

-Arthur's 19th Birthday @ Sunway Pyramid Tony Roma-

-4 days 3 night trips to Langkawi-

-Paddington @ The Curve-

-2008 CNY Celebration @ Mummy's Place-

-PHOP @ The Curve-

-Jinli Metro Queen Celebration @ SS2 Prince Cafe-

-Sunway Pyramid Sushi King-

-Bogus Tea Wedding Ceremony @ Brandon House-

-Accomplish Corporate Accounting Assignment-

-ChinYee's 20th Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid Snowy-

-Jack's 20th Birthday Celebration @ 1u Jack's Place-

-Jo's 20th Birthday Celebration @ 1u Fish Co-

-Ipoh Trip-

-My 20th Birthday Celebration + 2008 Mooncake Celebration @ Brandon House-

-Arthur's 20th Birthday Celebration @ Souled Out Cafe-

-Brandon 20th Birthday Celebration @ De Canter-

-Marianne's 21st Birthday Celebration @ Tomoe-

-One of the CNY Celebration @ Svien House-

-Arthur, Brandon & Jinli's Farewell @ Paandi Curry House-

-SzuKee 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid Kim Gary-

-Jack & Svien's 21st Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid Wong Kok-

-Sunway Pyramid's Shogun-

-The End-

Thursday, May 28, 2009

- Tired...... -

Too Often, We Lose Sight of life's simple pressure...Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown...But! It only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and slap that Bitch upside the head...

Ok...This email that I received suppose to bring me a smile but too bad it makes no different...I wouldn't take it too serious...After all, she is not that annoying that deserve a tight slap from me...I'm Sorry to say again...But, you're really acting like a bitch...Perhaps, the problem lies on myself but I do need some time to overcome you...What can I say is, this is a week of "Communication Gap" between me and you...It may be funny to you BUT It may be hurtful to another...Sayonara.....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

- Shogun @ Sunway Pyramid *Edited*-

Occasion>>> College Gang Gathering
Date>>> 22nd May 2009 (Friday)
Time>>> 12-3pm
Location>>> Shogun, Sunway Pyramid
Babi's>>> Kyth, Derek, Florence, Kelly, Jason, Jo-Ann, MeiYen & ChenChen
Note>>> Shogun is having 50% discount on weekday lunch *After tax Rm25 per person*, hence we decided to gather in shogun instead of Tenji...I voted Kyth and his friend Derek as the winner of the day as I guess they ate the most...But, I realised Jo and Meiyen were a big eater too! Hehe...Happy to know Jason and thanks for the candid shot! Its not funny wei! Send me those pictures asap I warn you Kelly Lam...Hahahaha...
Anyway, something unlucky happened on the way to Subang...Really damn sui!

-That "berduri" insist he looks gay in this picture...Oh come on...Your friend not gay can already ok...haha-

-MeiYen seriously acted like a mum in this picture...-

-Do we look alike?! Maybe we born in the same hospital wei chenchen...Hehe-

-Shogun sucks wei?! Hahaha...No No...That's not what I trying to say-

-Kyth Berduri, why must you take such a nice flow of height picture! Never mind, the picture wont look nice without me...Hahaha..-

Unofficially 1 month holiday from now onwards...Been catching up with all the nice drama's I've downloaded...Watching day and night and I am so happy! Wakaka...

P/S: I must say I'm in love with Adam Lambert...Kris Allen indeed a great singer too but I'm just attached to Adam...I even prefer Adam's version of "no boundaries" than Kris...Hoping that people can stop discriminating him as a GAY...Why bother whether he is a gay or not?! Its none of your business...I(heart) Adam Lambert!

Monday, May 18, 2009

- LeeHom & Brands, JCo -

Jco donuts will be my temporary supper for the coming 3 suffering nights before my last paper (Acctg Theory) on Thursday...I wonder if it can even last for 1 night! Haha...Anyway, Krispy Kreme here I come!! Please wait for me, my last paper is on thursday ok! *Muacks*

-Suai Ge Leehom is the new ambassador for Brands Chicken Essence in Mainland China and Taiwan I think...Hope to see his poster around in Malaysia soon...-

-Stay healthy and energetic with brands! Just like leehom! Forever 21 despite celebrated his 33 years old birthday yesterday Hehehe...-

Countdown to Shitty Accounting Theory Paper on thursday >>>> 96 hours +++