Saturday, May 9, 2009

- PHOP @ The Curve -

The Highlights of the week >>>>

  • Celebrated Mother's Day at Paddington (Saturday Night)....
  • Almost bump into someone at Curve...I got a feeling she went there with a motive to peep me! Haha...*perasan*
  • 1st final paper on Tuesday (Ethical Issue In Accountancy)...I told you, I got no ethic so potential failure subject...In addition, the bitch reluctant to reveal any tips...She sucks to the max...I've no idea why she's your favourite lecturer sexy...
  • Everyone seems to be addicted to "How Well Do You Know Me" quiz in FB...Whose fault?
-My Mashed Potato Pancake-

-No 303-

-No 312-


-Just in case you've forgotten my orengee face-

Last but not least, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there particularly to my mum of course...Haha...Also, wishing all the surviving RMIT souls best of luck in their 1st ppr tomorrow...Good Luck!!

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