Saturday, June 27, 2009

- Marche @ The Curve -

Tuesday was the day I went college to get my new timetable...The moment I looked at it...OmgBBq! 2 shocking news! The rumors of Wong KL being Small B lecturer proven wrong because it ended up that Helen name was printed there...In addition, Sri.Devi will be our tutor for Quantitative Analysis...Does she even know how to do simple calculation?! Haha...I can smell disaster...Sadly, I got only Friday off despite only taking 3 subjects with countless 8am class...Its ok! Train myself to sleep early...Hahaha...We then went Marche for lunch and I was rushing home after lunch...Why? Because I need to harvest my crops so to prevent my farm buddy from stealing it! *ngek ngek*

-I always wanted to eat their Rosti for 2nd time...This time around I tried their Snail Sausage with Cheese Topping Rosti...-

-Florence & I...We gossip about SK-t00 along the way to Curve...Oh Yeah, she drive safely so no worries...Haha-

-No idea what Szu Kee wants here...Haha-

-The moral of this picture is.....Do not take picture with Marianne because you will end up suffering like Jo...Haha-

-However, she seems normal while taking this picture with me..*weird*-

-Group Picture take 1 "Sawadika Post" with Szu Kee loving the flash of Sexy's camera-

-Yeeee...Look at there! Leehom is having lunch in Marche also...*dream on*-

Monday, June 22, 2009

- Ice Milk Tea -

Ever since I was young, I never like milk tea for some good reason...But, after my first attempt in Wong Kok during Jack's birthday celebration, it turns out ok = acceptable...Slowly I find it yummy, smooth and creamy! Bought a packet of 3 in 1 Lipton Original Milk Tea in Carrefour recently...They were having some promotion with a free mug *refer to picture above*...Yea, I know I'm lazy just because I bought 3 in 1! Haha...
So anyway, Ice Milk Tea has been a must order whenever I dine in Kim Gary, Wong Kok, Mamak and Old Town Kopitiam...I'm special you see...I never order coffee in Old Town but I do drink coffee buatan Old Town at home...Their SugarCane Coffee is a must try! You can get that in any nearest Supermarket but its not under their cafe menu...See! I told you I'm special...Haha...I'm "LIVE-FULL"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

- Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid -

Some random lunch gathering with Jacq and Marianne on Friday...So, why choose Gasoline? Why not Kim Gary or etc etc...It was sexy's brilliant suggestion...Haha...She just loves sitting on the floor aka Japanese style...I thought that I will be late because I woke up late but we ended up waiting for that Sexy...Ohh ya...Sexy failed to prove me wrong...Eventually, she went out at night...Come on, its friday night babe! Hahaha....Very little camwhore pictures because you know taking picture in Gasoline wouldn't be nice regardless of how pretty you are...Hehe...

-Jacq babe with her Mongolia Fillet Rice & extremely huge Longan Milk Ice drink which is very dilute-

-Ohh..I love this sweet picture-

I just couldn't believe that I will be back in college in 1 week time while Curtin and Melbourne Rmit had just started their honeymoon...Time flies really really fast...

Friday, June 19, 2009

- Barn Buddy Freak -

A person who never shows any interest to the plants in her porch is now addicted to Barn Buddy & Happy Farm! Upon started of with these 2 Facebook games, I aim to reach a certain level where I could grow my dream Orange Farm! Weee...Sounds so sweet...But, it will takes time of course because I'm only allow to buy orange seed when I reach an advance level...

-Look at this Kyth Dury's Farm! He grow orange despite only level 3! Yer...Damn sad already-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

- Hello...Si Gemuk -

Cuti kolej sudah masuk minggu yang ketiga...Sila namakan aktiviti berfaedah yang telah anda lakukan? Maklumlah tidur dan makan adalah aktiviti yang dilakukan oleh orang yang goyang kaki kat rumah...Tidak ada gunanya jikalau kamu bermain badminton satu kali seminggu kerana kamu makan tidak henti! Sila bayangkan kandungan kalori dan gula di dalam badan anda...Sila berdiri di depan cermin anda dan bayangkan betapa besarnya perut buncit anda seperti hamil 2 bulan...Aduhai...Hari hari melayari internet tengok gambar lucah...Eh takda la! ahahaha...Tengok gambar makanan saje...Itu sudah mencukupi untuk membunuh anda...
Silalah bertaubat sebelum menyesal!! Terima Kasih........

  1. RSH Warehouse Sales up to 70% discount on Nike, Adidas, Reebok and etc shoe, sports apparel along Monash University
  2. Esprit Warehouse Sales at Cineleisure
  3. Subang Jaya Giant Stock Clearance Sales

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

- Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid -

-Jo's potato salad...Pity her, She was damn hungry while waiting for tai siu jie Kelly's arrival...Haha-

-Pity Jo's again...Her damn damn "BIG" portion of Soft Shell Crab Pasta XD-

-Pity myself...I'm just too pretty that they gave me such a big portion of Chicken Katsudon Pasta...Damn filling! hahah...-

-Yvanca & Kelly's Pizza-

-I told myself that I wanted to try their dessert so so badly but I gave up at the end...Was too full-

-Say Cheeseeeeee!! Proven that Rmit-ians are all pretty chun chicks! Curtin-ians cannot fight! ahaha...-

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

- Frustrated Over Old Air Conditioner -

Mirror Mirror on the wall, when will I get a brand new air con? The Mirror said: You're in a bad financial condition now hence I'm afraid that its not the right timing yet...But...But...Its an urgent matter now! The lovely national air con in my room has stop functioning for more than 3 weeks! Mirror asked: Why delay till now? Let me show you the equation then...No $$$ + Exam Week = No Air Con...
My lovely air con made noises every night and hot air released instead of cold air! TV News report that the dry spell in Malaysia is expected to last till September! Wow...GG...I'll just accept the fact that I will sleep with the wall fan on with the highest speed every day and night...Anyone, please recommend me a credible repairman please...Cannot afford a new air con yet...Thanks!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

- When I'm Hungry....I Google.... -

Whenever I get hungry, I will start on my mission of google-ing for delicious food pictures! Weeee...I realised that pictures of food could also satisfy my desire...Sorry, I left with no choice because whenever I'm hungry its always late middle of the night...Hence, I can expect either only instant noodle or mamak outside my house...*Pictures below credits to Martha*

-Grilled Striped Bass-

-Grilled New England Seafood-

-Emeril's Fish Provencal-

-Broiled Shrimp Scampi-

-Lighter Beef Tacos-

-Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano-

-Orange-and-Thyme Grilled Shrimp-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

- That I Would Be Good -

Catch this rendition version of "That I Would Be Good" by Stefanie Sun...Really love this version back in year 2004 in her "Start" Album..."Silent All These Years" was great too! Played a few old songs of Yanzi on youtube today...Lots of sad memories & emotions listening to her songs...I wish she will be back into the music industry real soon...Looking forward for her next album...

Monday, June 1, 2009

- Cafe Chulo @ Jaya One -

Date>>> 29th May 2009 (Friday)
Time>>> 8pm-11pm
Location>>> Cafe Chulo, Jaya One *Sexy's recommendation*
Babi's>>> Marianne, Jacq, Svien, Jack, Keith, Yu Foong & Eugene
Note>>> Car 1 & 2 *Marianne, Jack & Keith* reached Jaya One the earliest followed by the kelam kabut Car 3 & 4 *Me, Yu Foong, Svien, Jacq & Eugene*...Hence, we officially had our dinner at 9pm due to the fantastic journey...Wahahaha...
Food & Beverage>>> I love the Potato Gratin but there is nothing to shout about for the fettucini...Overall rating 7/10
Cafe Ambiance>>> Love the atmosphere there except for the wind blowing my hair all night *we sat outdoor*...Overall rating 8.5/10
Service>>> Acceptable except for the shaky cameraman...Hahaha...Overall rating 8/10

-Patatas Au Gratin-

-Fettucini en S.De Creame-

-Chulo's Thin Crust Pizza-

-Lv's poser No.1 *volunteer*-

-Lv's poser No.2 *Forced & Threaten*-

-The guys! Count Jack out...He is a gay-

-My dear friend will be flying to Melbourne soon...No worries, he will continue his gay stories over there......-

-The girls take 1-

-The girls take 2 *SEE! Wind blowing*-

-A very blur group picture...Thanks to the shaky cameraman!-

OMG!! Results were out this afternoon! *faint*