Tuesday, June 9, 2009

- Frustrated Over Old Air Conditioner -

Mirror Mirror on the wall, when will I get a brand new air con? The Mirror said: You're in a bad financial condition now hence I'm afraid that its not the right timing yet...But...But...Its an urgent matter now! The lovely national air con in my room has stop functioning for more than 3 weeks! Mirror asked: Why delay till now? Let me show you the equation then...No $$$ + Exam Week = No Air Con...
My lovely air con made noises every night and hot air released instead of cold air! TV News report that the dry spell in Malaysia is expected to last till September! Wow...GG...I'll just accept the fact that I will sleep with the wall fan on with the highest speed every day and night...Anyone, please recommend me a credible repairman please...Cannot afford a new air con yet...Thanks!

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