Sunday, March 28, 2010

- Suet Wern's Farewell @ EK -

Let me briefly introduce you to my colleagues!

-As you can see, Mark was simply too fascinated with all the foods of the day...We ordered Domino Pizza, fried some curry puff and cooked some spaghetti noodle...Then, I guess CM was looking at the domino brochure and was a little bit worry that he might need to pay for the whole bill...Hahaha...Just kidding-

-Gan with mouth full where as Dayang happily pose for the camera...Btw, take a good look at Sook Teng *the statue*-

-Joyce *acct*, Jo *purchasing*, Wern *production*, Me *acct* & Claris *purchasing*...Anyway, you can ignore the woman standing in the middle...She's not important...hahaha...I hope she won't kill me for saying that!-

-The R&D and Production men! Muru, Soong & Mark-

-Grace, Ms.Lee & Kirin...QA rocksszz?! Haha-

-Ok...There is another "ke le fe" here...She only enjoys fishing...-

Saturday, March 20, 2010

- Suet Wern's Farewell @ Umami -

We were actually chatting about "Wednesday Show Me Pink" BR's promotion on skype during working hours *Yes! We were multi-tasking*...Then, out from nowhere Suet Wern suggested "ma lat fo wo" and that was how Tasty Pot and Umami plans came out from!

We then decided for a small farewell *Next Friday will be her last day in EK* in Umami as both us were craving for Spicy Sichuan Steamboat...Ok! End up she sapu most of them spicy-ness while I remained Tortoise with only Chicken Soup...Haha...Guess what we only get to know each other no longer than 1 month but we could spend 3 hours gossiping and eating! Haha...I am gonna miss her so badly...

-Take One...Failed miserably...Wern: I looked so fat! -

-Its my turn then...YeeVonn: Yeah! I look just nice-

-Take Two...Better huh?!-

I am so so so gonna miss chatting with you on Skype Ms. Very Berry Strawberry! Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings! *Lots of Muackssss*

Friday, March 19, 2010

- Frontera @ Jaya One -

I mean.........Yea, at this moment I just want to sleep like nobody business as its my Saturday off! Yeah!! So, just enjoyed the very poor quality pictures of food taken by my sister using her 3.2 megapixel camera phone...Haha...

Signing out for now and Good Night!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

- The Day We're 18 Again (07/03/2010) -

1st, we undecided where to have our lunch...We gotta choose between Kim Gary or Sushi Zanmai...At last, we settled down in Kim Gary because we couldn't bare to wait for the long queue for seats in Sushi Zanmai...Then! Thanks to dearest Ah Fei for her so young minded aka childish suggestion of taking pictures around Sunway Pyramid Indoor Theme Park...That's what I name this small tiny place anyway with all the merry-go-round, ferries wheel, bumper car rides...Ah Fei even beg us to accompany her along for the bumper car ride...*swt*
Then! Tired of taking all the lovely pictures, we had our dessert at Tutti Fruitti...This place cost Cher's 2 cups of Baskin and 3 tubs of walls ice cream! Hahaha...Poor Cher Lynn...Then! We started to gossip around and our main focus was on our high school mates! The contents of the gossip however shall not be revealed here of course! Haha...
Then! It was Ah Fei's childish mind again that suggested Kawaii photo machine picture taking...I'm sorry I just realized that I don't really know what's the exact name for such machine...Haha...Each of us shared RM8 for this but its ok, all of us look kawaii-neeeee!! Haha...It just that we shouted inside d machine because we thought that we deleted something or we were running out of time for border decoration...Its kinda of embarrassing! ahaha...I wish we didn't bump into any friends but well most of our friend hang out around Sunway Pyramid...
Lastly! It was our childish evil mind that brought us back to high school happy moments...It feels good to be young again and why am I speaking like I'm 30 years old now! Oh Man....

-I mean...Seriously, you don't need to make a fuss about me wearing heels!!! Sigh...-

-Its really pricey but well for the sake of health, its OK to spend some $$ for some so call healthy yogurt ice cream once in a blue moon-

-Hi mates! See 2 of you again for I-City mission-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

- Updates -

This week marks the 5th week of my employment in EK and I'm glad that the company has show no intention in issuing me a termination letter! hahaha...Ok, I was joking! Let me briefly update you the changes that took part in my lovely life so far>>>
  • I'm now a fans of OneFm and enjoyed listening to "Morning Kaki" & "Jr. Professor" programs daily in the morning and evening respectively...
  • I'm now taking LDP way back to home and despite paying RM3.20 daily for the toll, I could avoid the massive jam at the Kesas Highway and it will only takes me at most 20 minutes to reach home...So, no complaints...
  • I always thought that I could slim down upon starting my career *konon stress* but its undeniable that I'm gaining weight!! Ohh No....I wish Terimee Slimming Center gonna offer me some discount...
  • The "mission to bed at 11pm" had been completed successfully...My next mission is to fly to my dreamland at 10.30pm...
-So near, yet so far...As you can see, my house is just at the opposite but I always need to stuck at the traffic light before I could make a U-Turn back to PJS7...Sigh...What a waste of time-

-Currently Watching "My Better Half" aka "Lou Gung Man Sui" starring Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse and the list goes on...Maggie Cheung finally make a comeback after a few years break! She is still that pretty despite reaching her 40's...-

-Currently Watching "OL Supreme" too...Not really that keen in Liza Wang's drama but no harm, just watch for leisure as its only 20minutes ++ for each episode...Btw, Ron Ng looks cute here...-