Wednesday, March 10, 2010

- The Day We're 18 Again (07/03/2010) -

1st, we undecided where to have our lunch...We gotta choose between Kim Gary or Sushi Zanmai...At last, we settled down in Kim Gary because we couldn't bare to wait for the long queue for seats in Sushi Zanmai...Then! Thanks to dearest Ah Fei for her so young minded aka childish suggestion of taking pictures around Sunway Pyramid Indoor Theme Park...That's what I name this small tiny place anyway with all the merry-go-round, ferries wheel, bumper car rides...Ah Fei even beg us to accompany her along for the bumper car ride...*swt*
Then! Tired of taking all the lovely pictures, we had our dessert at Tutti Fruitti...This place cost Cher's 2 cups of Baskin and 3 tubs of walls ice cream! Hahaha...Poor Cher Lynn...Then! We started to gossip around and our main focus was on our high school mates! The contents of the gossip however shall not be revealed here of course! Haha...
Then! It was Ah Fei's childish mind again that suggested Kawaii photo machine picture taking...I'm sorry I just realized that I don't really know what's the exact name for such machine...Haha...Each of us shared RM8 for this but its ok, all of us look kawaii-neeeee!! Haha...It just that we shouted inside d machine because we thought that we deleted something or we were running out of time for border decoration...Its kinda of embarrassing! ahaha...I wish we didn't bump into any friends but well most of our friend hang out around Sunway Pyramid...
Lastly! It was our childish evil mind that brought us back to high school happy moments...It feels good to be young again and why am I speaking like I'm 30 years old now! Oh Man....

-I mean...Seriously, you don't need to make a fuss about me wearing heels!!! Sigh...-

-Its really pricey but well for the sake of health, its OK to spend some $$ for some so call healthy yogurt ice cream once in a blue moon-

-Hi mates! See 2 of you again for I-City mission-


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