Friday, February 27, 2009

-In My Opinion........When asking for a favour-

In my opinion, when asking for a favour, one should consider the following:
  • Ask in an appropriate manner...Remember, you're asking for a favour you should maintain your humble-ness...Don't show that you're fake! Be sincere!
  • Do not ask at a wrong timing...Be smart or else you will get very annoyed!
  • Do not demand too much...
  • Please remind yourself to say THANK YOU...This 2 words show your sincerity...
Sorry...I may sounds cruel but I do believe that not everyone in this world deserve a help! By the way, I'm not hinting anything nor anyone...Just feel like blogging...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

-Updates...26 Feb 2009-

Its Friday tomorrow!! I loves Friday...You know why?! I got no class...So?! I can wake up late! Haha...Finally I managed to rearrange my time to update my deadly blog ahaha...How I spent my past few days?!
  • Its been a hectic weekend rushing for OB assignment...Actually the due date falls on march 10th but I have 4 more assignment due around the corner...Hence 1 is down 4 more to go! Sounds so scary ok! 2 more group and individual assignments
  • I had continuously dream about an accident happened in a shopping mall...It seriously freak me out thinking of it...Hopefully, it don't hint anything bad! *touch wood* Its just a bad nightmare after all...Be positive!
  • As you know I park my car at SS12 to college everyday...A robbery happened on Tuesday on a Metro foundation girl...2 Malay men drove a motorbike trying to threaten her with a knife! These 2 mafia's seriously daring! Its around 9am! Looks like, its no longer safe parking my car there but I left with no choice, just to beware of my surroundings I guess! Somehow I know wushu, taekwondo and karate ok! muahaha....*karat already*
  • I have decided to buy an umbrella! Yupp I know its nothing special nor grand to shout about but don't ask me why...I could only tell that its all BeeBee's fault!! Can't she just let us off early?! Its raining season wei!
  • We celebrated Szu Kee's birthday yesterday at Pyramid's Kim Gary! Happy Birthday Szu Kee! (26th Feb 2009)
-We bought her a green tea cake from RT...Florence jie said its healthy eating green tea cake wo...She says 2, who dares to say 1 right?! muahaha-

-Szu Kee the birthday girl!-

-Florence, Kyth, Yu Jia and Szu Kee-

-The Orange, Blueberry, Mango, Peach and Ginger!! Haha...New nicknames....-

Monday, February 16, 2009

-I Wish I Had a Dog Now-

I had a 3 hours nap this afternoon and I had a very very weird dream that I would like to share out...Ok...A puppy out of nowhere suddenly appeared in front of me...If I am not mistaken, I was sitting inside a room at that time and the whole dream took place in college...
So it was like love at first sight! I fell in love with that little creature that I never adore in real life...I pity the puppy and I grab it...I hold him tight on my hand...I can feel it...*Oh ya, I just assume its a male dog* Hahaha...The puppy was kinda of cross-breed type something similiar with the picture above...
So basically, he was in a dirty mess...However, instead of showering him you know what I actually did?! Omg! I can't believe it! I used a feather duster to clean the dust around his body! Eh! What's wrong with me wei! *sigh*...So, the story continued...He seems hungry and I got neither Pedigree nor Alpo dog food available hence I went and made something for him...I made him a bowl of cereal with milk! Its fresh milk! I know it sounds silly but you see its a dream and dream can be very silly at some time! Haha...I can still recall the crunchy cereal noise he made while chewing it...Its so adorable!!
Then, havoc moments! A girl kinda of self declaring herself as the puppy owner! I actually know this girl in reality too...Haha...She came into my dream! Can't believe it...The she started screaming and shouting for her puppy...A Sudden black out after that!! What happened next?! I would want to know how the puppy ended too...I can't recall what happened after that...I just know that at the moment I woke up from my weird dream.........."I WISH I HAD A DOG"

Friday, February 13, 2009

-Bon Vogaye Turtle Wong, Ms.Hokkien & Sardine Chia-

I think twice, think thrice before making this move! I felt that I've the responsibility to announce something to the public that Arthur Wong..................Ahem.................He........


-Please click on the picture to enlarge-

What are you thinking people?! Haha...Are you thinking that I may reveal some dirty secret of this genius to public?! haha...*Well I might do that if I terkorek his secret ok?!*
Just thought of posting something silly for his farewell! haha...Arthur made history on Saturday 14/2/2009 12.32AM! He stayed online until 12.32AM! I'm not boasting! I got an evidence! The picture above proved that he stayed alert and was chatting with me up to 12.32AM! Wow! I'm impressed of him! Haha...
This turtle Wong stolen my PVC Award and will be flying to Melbourne on Monday together with JinLi and Brandon...Wishing 3 of them best of luck in Melbourne in their final year! Please take care of each other...No worries I will take care of myself...Jo, Meiyen, Kelly, Marianne will also take care of themselves...But! I do pity Jack because........No one is going to take care of him...Muahaha............

Friday, February 6, 2009

-Svien's Mansion @ Putra Heights-

We went Svien's house in Putra Heights on last thursday! It was so kind of her to invite us to her house...We had a pot luck party! Enjoy the dinner and accompanies very much...It is also my last destination for angpows!! Hehe...Thanks Svien!

-Picture One...What's Sexy doing?!-

-Picture two...This even more wrong! haha...-

-Picture three...Tadaa!! Sexy was just trying to get signal to send out her sms...That was the "ong" place signal in Svien's house...-

-Mr.Chang are you trying to be funny with orange juice!-

-Jack is really annoying!!! Haha...Spoilt such a nice picture...Pegi la lu!! Haha-

-American Idol show attracted everyone attention but! I am more interested to pose in front ofthe camera..hehe-

-Black jack Black jack again!!-

-Sexy was definitely the big winner of the night! Hate you la sexy for stealing all my cash!! haha-

-Svien's and her gang! Finally a small picture of her...She was too busy entertaining us...Got no time to cam whore with her...Sigh Sorry Svien!-

-The gang-

Ok...Thank You...You can see that I am in a hurry to post! So kindly forgive my fast forward attitude in blogging about this...Hahaha... Chaoz!! Sorry la gotta rush for thaipusam celebration! muahaha...

Monday, February 2, 2009

-2009 OX Year-

Happy Chinese New Year! Let me briefly describe how I spend my entire last 7 days celebrating CNY...
Day 1- Movie at Pyramid (All Well Ends Well), Visited Gan's family
Day 2- Visited Uncle Paul's and gathering on my maternal side
Day 3- Rot at home
Day 4- Visited Adeline & Cher's house, lunch at my house, dinner at Brandon mansion
Day 5- Visited Marianne & Dinner at Jacq house
Day 6- Orangezz Open House, Visited Uncle Mun's House
Day 7- Visited Cousin Brother Donny's mansion

I've never visited so many houses in one shot during CNY before...I've been mafia and anti social for the past 19 years...haha...Joking! So, basically I eat eat eat, collecting angpow's and gamble the most this year...Sexy's and Brandon's house actually bring me luck but I lost to Sexy at my own house! How funny is it...

-Steamboat at Uncle Paul's House-

-I "lou yi sang" once only this year...Good as I am sick of it already...Haha-

-Lou ar Lou ar....Man Si Yu Yu...Gong Hei Fatt Choi...Sang Tai Kin Hong etc etc.....-

-Surprisingly we didnt took any pictures at Brandon house...I guess mainly because our camerawoman Sexy been very busy learning guitar...haha...So I also syok sendiri a bit...-

Back to college today...Beebee gave me quite erm...Good impression I will say? Hence, hoping that I will fall in love with Ethical Issue subject real soon...