Monday, February 2, 2009

-2009 OX Year-

Happy Chinese New Year! Let me briefly describe how I spend my entire last 7 days celebrating CNY...
Day 1- Movie at Pyramid (All Well Ends Well), Visited Gan's family
Day 2- Visited Uncle Paul's and gathering on my maternal side
Day 3- Rot at home
Day 4- Visited Adeline & Cher's house, lunch at my house, dinner at Brandon mansion
Day 5- Visited Marianne & Dinner at Jacq house
Day 6- Orangezz Open House, Visited Uncle Mun's House
Day 7- Visited Cousin Brother Donny's mansion

I've never visited so many houses in one shot during CNY before...I've been mafia and anti social for the past 19 years...haha...Joking! So, basically I eat eat eat, collecting angpow's and gamble the most this year...Sexy's and Brandon's house actually bring me luck but I lost to Sexy at my own house! How funny is it...

-Steamboat at Uncle Paul's House-

-I "lou yi sang" once only this year...Good as I am sick of it already...Haha-

-Lou ar Lou ar....Man Si Yu Yu...Gong Hei Fatt Choi...Sang Tai Kin Hong etc etc.....-

-Surprisingly we didnt took any pictures at Brandon house...I guess mainly because our camerawoman Sexy been very busy learning guitar...haha...So I also syok sendiri a bit...-

Back to college today...Beebee gave me quite erm...Good impression I will say? Hence, hoping that I will fall in love with Ethical Issue subject real soon...

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