Friday, August 8, 2008

-What Do You Think-

Read an email...It was so touching...A story to appreciate your friends...The picture below is for all my friends out there! You will never know what will happen tomorrow...In all of sudden......Confession comes to my mind...Tell your love ones that you love them more than you can show before its too late...No point crying over split milk by then...

  1. What do you think I'll be when I grow up ----> __________
  2. Do you think I'll get married?? ----> _________
  3. If you do...Who do you think I'll marry?? ----> ________ *As in profession*
  4. Do I remind you of any cartoon character?? ----> ___________
  5. If you're given a chance to rename me...What will that be?? ----> ______

-Little Orange-

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