Monday, August 18, 2008

-So Near Yet So Far-

The Olympic Gold Medal match between Lin Dan *1st seed* and Lee Chong Wei *2nd seed* last night was a major let down...I was actually expecting a tougher match between both players...Undeniable, Lin Dan the giant killer gave his best shot last night...He was extremely aggressive and much more consistent player than Lcw...There were too many unforced error and bad judgment from Lcw...Its so obvious he was under pressure and nervous! Oh Come on...Its such an easy match for Lin Dan...

-Anyway we Malaysian are proud of your achievement in Beijing Olympic...Who say you can't play?? You're the only one that brought us back a silver medal...At least Malaysia will not be empty handed back this year...Congrats on your success and you're great in Semi-Final match! You deserve the RM300000... -

-Ok...I seriously dislike Lin Dan always being the winner!! China is done of dominating badminton world! China won 3 out of the 5 titles (Men's Single, Women's Single and Women's Double)...Anyway kudos to Super Dan last night as he was really a giant killer! Give no chance to Lcw at all!! *sigh* -

-The 2nd last match of the night was the Gold Medal match for Mixed Double category...Lee Yong Dae and Lee Hyo-Jung defeated Indonesian pair to win the gold medal for Korea...*Sexy!! Lee Hyo-Jung is taller than Yong Dae!! hahaha...Anyway, Korea mixed double coach is much more handsome than Lee Yong Dae la!! Omg...hehe...-

-I dedicate this sexy picture of Lee Yong Dae to Sexy...Hehe...Enjoy!-

China is currently leading with 37 Golds follow by USA with only 19 Golds so far while Great Britain is following from behind with 12 Golds...Michael Phelps from USA is the big big winner splashing to his way for 8 Gold medals! He is extremely crazy! hahaha...

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