Monday, June 21, 2010

- Portugal Vs North Korea -

What an astounding score of 7 goals! The weather for the 1st half was really bad...Its raining cats and dogs...The field looked slippery...Seriously, I was worrying that the players will fall sick after the match...

Anyway! Portugal beat North Korea 7-0 and this is what I wanna see more in world cup! 1-1 or goal-less match is really boring to watch...No excitement! I do pity North Korea but they cant expect much to beat the 3rd ranking Portugal where they were only 105...Keep it up Koreans!

-Nice hair C.Ronaldo...Wash your hair with Head & Shoulder?? Haha-

-Poor North Korea...A dejected goalkeeper...I really understand his feeling...7 goals slipped out from his guard...-

-Last but not least, C.Ronald scored the 6th goal and he was voted the "Man of the Match"-

Argentina Vs Greece tomorrow...Its time to see Messi scores! Woohoooo....

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