Wednesday, June 23, 2010

- Argentina Vs Greece -

Missed out this match last night because it was aired late at 2.30am...Anyway, Argentina beat Greece 2-0 and emerge as the champion in Group B thus advance to the last 16...South Korea also joined Argentina when their match with Nigeria ended up 2-2 draw...Congrats to both Argentina and South Korea! Praying hard that Portugal, Germany & Spain will also join these 2 teams...

-Messi was the captain for Arg last night-

-Woohoooo!! Suai!!-

-Messi in action! He was voted as "The Man of the Match" despite not scoring any goals-

-Maradona's reaction when his boys scores!-

Pray hard that Germany can beat Ghana later at 2.30am otherwise Germany team will create history for not qualifying to the last 16 for the first time...No Klose's action for later match anyway...Thanks to the stupid Spain's referee for sending him off earlier...

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