Tuesday, January 6, 2009

-Shopping @ The Curve, Ikano-

*Yawn* Headed to college early 9.30am *erm yea...9.30am considered early to me* to settle up the undone mess yesterday...At least I don't need to cramp in the crowd inside RMIT office early in the morning...Finally get myself enrolled into final year 1st semester...I'm now officially a 3rd year Accountancy student!
Drove to Mentari's Eon Bank to settle something that been delayed for weeks too but it is definitely worth the wait...Hehe...
What's next?! Sleeping?! Nah...Its time for shopping!! The word (s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g) had been removed from my dictionary 2months ago due to my poorness!! *No $$$$* I realised I'm in the mood to Ikano hence headed to The Curve...Lunch at Kim Gary, missing their Cheese Bake Rice but it seems like they didn't improve on their meals...
It was great shopping around again! I'm also in the mood for CNY...End up spending RM180++...This amount might be a small amount to some people out there but it means a lot too me wei...But, I'm not sam tong, no worries...Hahaha...

-Halo 2009-

-Modelling act incase you miss me-

-Randon pictures at Ikea-

-Random pictures at Ikea-

-Random pictures at Ikea-

-Inspecting something?! Trying to act as the Boss of Ikea?! Btw, I am sorry Meiyen I forgotten your 2009 Ikea catalogue! hehe-

-I saw this poster at Ikano's ladies long time ago but never thought of taking a picture of it...It can be quite hilarious and funny...I 88% agree that Ikano make clean public toilets happen!-

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