Saturday, March 7, 2009

-American Breakfast @ SS15, PepperCorn-

We (Yu Jia, Florence, Szu Kee, Jo & Me) went to SS15 Peppercorn for breakfast on Wednesday to fill in our damn 4 hours break! I was actually rooting for PizzaHut Rm7++ meal but once again, our Florence Jie made us walk further down from PizzaHut! According to her, we need to exercise wo.........Hahaha....Then Ok lo.....It was really FUN walking there...Its not even opposite Old Town wei! Florence cheated us!! Haha...But its ok la...She compensate us by filling in our hungry stomach with a satisfying and affordable American Breakfast...

-The American Breakfast set comes with a Mini Orange Juice-

Wednesday was also Metro's C&S Day! Not very happening this semester as I don't see any cars around...Wonder if MotorSport Club still exist?! Haha...Anyway, Marianne's mission in becoming The RSO President FAILED (NNN)! RSO is no longer exist, Ohhh....That's so sad...Anyway, I saw an announcement stated that "The College Heard You........" We can now park inside college for RM150 per month...Didn't really read that announcement...But, I know you can share with another friend and you must remove your car the least before 5.15pm...Erm...What rule is this wei?! What if my class ends at 6pm?!

OB lecture was cancelled! I guess majority of us went home instead of hibernating for another 2 hours in college for Ravi's class...Hooray! Class cancelled is always the happiest thing in College Student's life! Muahahaa....

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