Monday, March 2, 2009

-BabiNess Under Maintenance- is currently undergoing renovation...I am currently working on the new blog skin...However, it seems like I'm not creative nor smart enough to handle such innovative stuff! Haha...I surfed a few site and tried to changed my Babiness blog however! *sigh* I am stuck with "revert classic template", "layout settings", "CBox setting" etc etc...Please bare with me and meanwhile please accept my current "unacceptable" blog skin...Thank You! Haha.....

-This looks great but it would be better with orange color instead of green-

-A bit too girlish for me?! Haha-

-No Comment-

Btw! BeeBee showed us a clip on Enron titled "Shredded Story Behind Enron Collapse"...Copyright from Hallmark channel and there goes our Ethical Issue lecture for the day...I feel that they should motivate student by making more movies on major collapses Hahaha...

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