Tuesday, March 24, 2009

-Robbery!! Snatch Thief!!-

Received an email on a Robbery happened on March 17 2009 in Taman Maluri, Cheras...This is a video of it...Please have a look at it...Everthing happened not more than 2 minutes!

Besides,I also received a SMS few minutes ago...The content sounds like this "Remember never put your handbag next to driver seat when you drive...A motorcyclist just broke a colleague's car window with bare hands and sped off with her handbag...Just in front of Ajinamoto! Few hours ago..."My aunt works in Ajinamoto and her unlucky colleague was the poor victim...

Hence, Rakyat rakyat Malaysia out there...Please be extra alert and careful if you ever see any suspicious motorcyclist around...Especially after so many cases and warnings spread through email...Its really never safe to walk around anymore...I shall be alert of my surroundings after parking my car at SS12 too...An incident happened few weeks ago around there to a Metro college student too...My aunt said there was no sight of the girl parking there anymore...Aihzzz....

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