Friday, September 19, 2008

- Happy Birthday to Me (Part 1) -

I'm sorry for the delay of this post due to hectic assignment and up coming test...I would like to deliver my thank you message to everyone who wishes me on my birthday...I can't stop smiling reading those birthday message...It brings a smile on my face on 15/9/2008...Thanks for remembering people!!

14/9/2008 (Before 12am)
1. Ginette
2. S.Vean
3. Matthew
4. Jason
5. Angelia

15/9/2008 (Sharp 12am)
1. P.Yang
2. S.Neo
3. Jen-Zi

15/9/2008 (Up to 2.30am)
JiaHe, Jinli & Vincent, Chin Yee, ChenChen, Brandon, Marianne, Wenni, Kyth, Jack

15/9/2008 (7.30am onwards)
Arthur, Joanne, Kelly, Jo-Ann, Yu Foong, Adeline, LiWen, Mei Yen, Eugene, Hafiz, Yu Jia, Florence, Szu Kee, Jia Ni, Charis, Sara, Narveen, CherLynn, Christine, Belinda, Tracy, Alvin, Justine, Cass, Ryan and April (sms from melbourne)

Countdown to the end of (15/9/2008)
YeeMun and Matthew determine to be the last to wish me...The winner is................Ms.Yee Mun...Please try again next year matt! haha...KarFye and Jasmine wished me on a belated birthday...

P/S : I'll update my "Happy Birthday to Me" Part 2 post asap...Why delay?? Rushing assignment?? Nope...SEXY caused my delay-ness...Wahaha...Sorry Jacq babe will update it by next monday ok...I won't miss out your lovely present..hehe...

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