Wednesday, November 5, 2008

-KFC New Hot Rods-

I ever tell myself that I'll never step in any KFC outlets anymore...KFC had just released their new HOT RODS! I decided to give it one more last try on KFC again...Selling at the price of RM3.95 for ala carte and RM7.50 for set meal comes with a regular ice lemon tea and fries...Its so not worth it to pay RM4 for this 2 satay sticks! Nothing much to WOW about...If you asked me one description on it...I would say "Satay Stick Zinger"...Its not spicy at all and its a whole chicken breast meat and yet they put out a big word of "Whole Chicken Leg" as the box display! Sigh...Deeply disappointed with KFC...
Instead of improving on their foods quality, their whipped potato (weird gravy taste) and fried chicken qualities had been a major disappointment...My favourite BBQ Meltz and Popcorn chicken are no longer available anymore hence, I got no other better reason to go KFC anymore!
I will actually recommend Wendy's Fast food on their delicious Shrimp burger...

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