Saturday, September 15, 2007

19th Buttday Celebration (Part 1)

My birthday treat: Grill Kurau with some some special sauce
My orange cheese cake bake n chill by Mr.Eu wei n Ms.Jacq
Babi jen, Babi jie, Babi oren, Babi chin yee, Babi ryan
1st version of our "yan ngoi" pic
Ms.Jin Li
Some babi's eager to take pics wit me..They insist to stand...*swt*

Occasion: Orange 19th Birthday Celebration (bangga)
Date: 15 sept 2007
Time: 12pm-3pm
Venue: Jack's Place, Sunway Pyramid & Station1
Babi's: Eu wei, Jacq, Jin Li, Ym, San, Just, Ryan, Chin Yee, Mei Yen, Jen
FFk Babi's: Brandon, Christ, Wan Ling (last min)
FFk Babi's: Yu foong, Kelly, Jo-ann (reasonable excuse)

Message: Thanks to everyone who turn up for my birthday celebration today.. It was a
great one and I have fun.. Thanks for the lunch treat.. Special thanks to
and jacq and eu wei too for making me a delicious orange cheese cake.. It was
so nice that I mm sek tak eat it.. Even keeping the box..haha..
Beside, also appreciating those ffk'ers that wishes me...haha...

MORE PICS TO GO............waiting for jacq n jinli.......

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