Friday, September 14, 2007

Origami Class @ Fin acc tut

I have no idea what jie trying to do by putting tat baby swan on top..

Birds on war crisis...

Getting ready to fly? Its swan wei...

Various size of swans..Daddy, mummy, zhai zhai lui lui...

Looks like our financial accounting tut been changed to origami class in tues.
Origami teacher: kelly, mei yen and Jo-ann
Tools used: mcd flyer, sketch paper, kim gary flyer, unknown flyer
What am I doing then?? Taking pictures la..ahaha...
Where are those birds now?? All RIP in kelly's file...

Btw, our Fin acc lecturer, Mr.Wong KL was on mc on the next day..
3 Reasons why he was on MC
  • He was so sick and disappointed knowing that his class been change to origami class
  • He was disappointed that we din do well in our test
  • He was fed up wit Marianne who always 'kik' and making him speechless

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