Thursday, July 10, 2008

-Jo-Ann's Bday @ Fish & Co (1u)-

Celebrated Jo's 20th Birthday at 1u Fish & Co...Reason why we choose there was because everyone voted for 1u...Unfair la! Why not Pyramid?? haha...Maybe Bangsar right Jinli??
The bday gal arrived late with her private driver...Biasa la...The private driver always late! hahaha...Eugene joined in the celebration as special guest while Mei Yen can't make it due to fever...

-Taking the picture of tissue instead of Menu-

-Sexy & me...Spot a flower on her head??!! Sexy:I'm proud that I can reach your house in 15mins! -

-The decent version...Scroll down for gay version...-

-Can see Arthur was forced to take picture with Jack? haha...Sorry la Jack...Why are you so happy! -

-New York Fish & CHip-

-Its a damn damn "big" portion of Salad Shrimp...You full or not Jo-ann?? You know Kelly and Jinli being a big eater...haha...-

-Arthur's Peri Peri Shirmp...I thought he say he sharing the shrimp with us?? haha...Silently finish up everything...-

-Eugene's meal...He was kinda of busy lecturing Arthur & Jinli about his Aus experiences...Please finish up your meal Eugene...-

-Seafood Platter...Shared this with Sexy...Sexy peel prawns for me...I'm kinda of lucky as I can always get some kind friends to peel prawns for me...Sorry la if not I rather don't eat it...haha-

-Its some fish fish...But to me...It still looks like fried chicken! -

-Fish & Co staff made Jo's stand on the chair...Sounds familiar right? Tgif...She gave her a tough task...Tougher than answering company law questions...Blow her candles from where she stands...It will be tougher for people like brandon! -

-So...Did she made it for the task?? She failed...haha...So she sing herself a bday song as punishment...Sounds so sad right? We sang for her also la ok...-

-Everyone looking at my camera...So no one looking at Sexy's camera...haha...-

Wishing Tan Jo-Ann Happy 20th Birthday (10th July) !!! Hope that you enjoyed the celebration, hope you like the Tiramisu cake (despite Jack consume the biggest portion) and the present of course...That will reminds you not to fart ya...muahaha... *muacks*

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